Best Golf Putter has undergone independent Field Testing

As they say, "The proof is in the pudding." So we engaged the most prestigious golf equipment testing firm to validate the performance of our golf putter technology out in the real world. A group of twenty golfers ranging from duffers to professionals was assembled for two full days of field testing. The testing compared the new technology Quantum Golf Putter to the golf putters currently in use by the test participants. That would be comparison of a new putter against the old friend currently in use; a challenge we were willing to accept. This showed us enough to promise prospective clients that they would enjoy a 10% quantum improvement in putting performance just by putting a Quantum Golf Putter in their Golf Bag.

Only one golf putter is worthy of your golf bag, it is the...

Quantum Golf Putter

Best Golf Putter is Patented

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Utility Patent for the unique embodiments of the Quantum Golf Putter including Polar Symmetry and the Sole Glider, Design Patents for the latest design revision are pending, as are International Patents. That makes Quantum Putter most worthy of your Golf Bag.

Best Golf Putter has undergone Independent Laboratory Testing

We engaged an independent quality/performance scientist to conduct independent laboratory testing on new golf putter technology. This independent scientist specializes in ultra slow motion photography and does rigorous visual testing in the world of Race Car Driving, Artistic Pool, and Long Drive Golf, so we thought they would be perfect for verifying our theories on golf putter design and performance. This testing proved conclusively that the Quantum Golf Putter performs exactly like our physics predicted and that is clearly out-performs other golf putters including those made by Ping, Odyssey, Taylormade, Titleist, and others. Therefore we are proud to report that our new technology Quantum Golf Putter is most worthy of your Golf Bag.

Best Golf Putter has been Peer Reviewed

Prestigious World Scientific Congress on Golf meets every five years to do scientific peer review on new technology developments in the world of golf. Rarely do they review new products, but in our case there were many so new technology embodyments that they took exception and allowed a poster presentation of our new golf putter product in its entirety,  Our presentation was complete and very detailed, and it was received well by our peers, with nobody arguing against any of our new technology claims.   Therefore we are proud to report that our new golf putter technology passed Scientific Peer Review completely, and that makes the Quantum Golf Putter most worthy of your Golf Bag. .

Best Golf Putter is Well Received by Early Adopters

What makes us most proud of our fifteen year effort to make you a better putter is the feedback we have received from the Early Adopters. When marketing a new product, it is most important that those who have enough courage to buy something new report product satisfaction. We are proud that the early adopters of our new technology golf putter are overwhelmingly unanimous with not only their satisfaction but also their praise for our Quantum Golf Putter.


Best Golf Putter is Most Worthy


Best Golf Putter is Conforming with Rules of Golf

​The Ruling Authority for the the Game of Golf in the United States is the USGA and worldwide it is the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews. When one governing body rules on conformance, the other body respects that ruling, Any golf putter that is used in sanctioned tournament play must be in conformance with the Rules of Golf. The Quantum Golf Putterwas ruled in conformance by the USGA (Ruling Number 2017-0601), and that makes it worthy of your Golf Bag.