GOLF PUTTERS PUTTING | Blade?  Mallet?  Symmetric?


When your golf putter putting stroke wobbles about the "Putter Head Alignment Vector" the probability of sinking the putt is drastically reduced. That makes this problem the next one that needs to be solved.  It is a principle of physics that stroke wobble is caused by polar asymmetry, so the cure is simple -- embody perfect polar symmetry in the putter. 

Stroke wobble is the tendency of a putter head to rotate as it moves along the plane of the stroke. Such a tendency is adverse to putting performance because it reduces the probability of good ball impact and launch. Stroke wobble is caused by putter imbalance with respect to the shaft (physicists call it polar asymmetry). Like a tire on an axle, the head of a putter will wobble if it is out of balance with respect to the shaft. 

For example, a so-called "face balanced putter", which is polar asymmetric in favor of the face, will tend to rotate during the putting stroke to its favored position. Imagine for a moment that you set up for a putt using face balanced putter. At setup, the face will point toward the hole, wouldn't it? Then as you do the backstroke the face will tend to rotate until at the top of the backstroke it wants to be face up because that is its favored position; the problem is that would be a 180 degree wobble wouldn't it? Then as you do your power-stroke and follow-through, this polar asymmetric putter will want to rotate again so that by the time it reaches the top of follow-through, it wants to be face-up again; that would be another 180 degree wobble tendency, wouldn't it? With all that wobble tendency, who knows how the impact surface of the head will face at the moment of ball impact. That's is very bad for precision putting, wouldn't you agree?  

Everything said about face favoring putters also applies to so-called toe favoring putters.  Now that we know what causes dreaded stroke wobble, the cure becomes obvious -- Polar Symmetry.  So any golfer who uses an asymmetrically balanced golf putter needlessly suffers stroke wobble, and would be better off if that defectively designed putter was tossed in the trash heap, and replaced with a polar symmetrically designed putter like the Quantum Golf Putter


How to Test a Golf Putter for Stroke Wobble

​Hold the putter shaft between the palms of your hands as shown, and then move your palms back and forth to rotate the shaft to and fro (as you would do when testing a pool cue for playing suitability). If there is any wobble, then your putter is polar asymmetric and that will cause dreaded stroke wobble. and the worse the wobble the worse it is for precision putting.. Any putter that fails this wobble test should be tossed into the trash-heap of defective design and replaced with a polar symmetric golf putter.