Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter never Wobbles

The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter eliminates dreaded putting stroke wobble, and that makes it superior to old technology blades and mallets.

Stroke me strong without wobble!.

Rotational Wobble is caused by asymmetry, so asymmetric golf putters suffer it and symmetric golf putters do not. 

Old technology Mallet Putter makers often tout their putters as being "Face Balanced" which is marketing miss-information in the extreme. The truth is that a Face Balanced Putter is actually out-of-balance toward its face. During setup you will do your best to orient this kind of putter such that its impact face is perpendicular with your intended line. But because it is out of balance toward its face, it will try to rotate so its impact face is 90 degrees upward at the top of your backstroke. Then as you complete your putting stroke, this kind of putter will try to rotate a full 180 degrees so it ends up being face up at the top of your backstroke. Who knows what the amount of rotation will be at the instant of impact?

Old technology Blade Putter makers are no better. They often tout their putters as being "Toe Balanced" which is also marketing miss-information. The truth is that a Toe Balanced Putter is actually out-of-balance toward its toe. It, just like those mallet putters which are out-of-balance toward their face, will try to rotate its impact face during your putting stroke. The result is the same - you will never know whether or not your putter impacts the ball as it should -- and that is detrimental to your putting performance.

New technology symmetric golf putters do not suffer wobble at all. This is another reason why the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior to old technology golf putters..​


You are going to love having me in your bag.

New Symmetric Golf Putters by Quantum - WOBBLE

New Quantum Golf Putters Putting | WOBBLE

Don't be confused: Wobble is not the same as Waver.  Wobble is a rotational deviation during your putter stroke, whereas waver is the lineal deviation from the plane of your putting stroke,  Ideally your putting stroke should move from setup to backstroke to power stroke to follow-through, without rotational wobble (or linear waver).


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