GOLF PUTTERS PUTTING | Blade?  Mallet?  Symmetric?



​When your golf putter putting stroke wavers off the "Down-Line Vector" the probability of sinking the putt is drastically reduced. That makes this problem the next one that needs to be solved.  It is a principle of physics that stroke waver is caused by insufficient stroke momentum, so the cure is simple -- increase stroke momentum.   

troke waver is the tendency of a putter head to laterally deviate from the plane of the stroke. Such a tendency is adverse to putting performance because it reduces the probability of good ball impact and launch. The cause of stroke waver is putting physiology exasperated by low putter momentum. Your putting physiology is what it is, but we can do something about low putter momentum. Momentum is a function of putter head mass and stroke speed; but in putting stroke speed is very low. So head mass is really all we can work with in solving the waver problem. Now that we know what causes dreaded stroke waver, the cure becomes obvious -- More Putter Head Mass. It is a fact that in the present golf putter market, virtually every putter offering has a head mass of between 200 and 400 grams, and that generates insufficient momentum for eliminating waver at extremely slow putting stoke speeds.  So any golfer who uses one of these light-headed putters needlessly suffers stroke waver. However, there is one golf putter on the market today that has a head mass of about 600 grams, enough to eliminate stroke waver -- Quantum Golf Putter

More Head Mass makes Less Stroke Waver

We all know that golf is actually two games, the field game and the putting game; but who knows why?  The reason why is actually Momentum. Momentum is a function of speed and mass, which means good momentum can be achieved with either speed or mass. In the field game good momentum is achieved with great swing speed and low head mass' but in the putting game where stroke speed is slow and deliberate, better momentum must be achieved with more head mass.