It is a principle of physics that momentum is a function of mass and velocity and it is what resists waver. So the greater the head mass and greater the stroke velocity the less stroke waver there will be. Since putting stroke velocity is always low, a putter must provide lots of head mass to gain the momentum needed to resist stroke waver. So detrimental stroke waver has several causes but only one remedy -- head mass.​ Unlike field clubs which can have less massive heads because they resist swing waver with high swing speed, a putter has less stroke speed so it must resist stroke waver with greater head mass.

Old technology Blade Putters do not have enough head mass to adequately resist putting stroke waver. Old Technology Mallet putter have more head mass but still not enough to eliminate stroke waver.  However both Blades and Mallets are asymmetric so they suffer stroke wobble which further exasperates the waver problem.

The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter suffers no stroke waver because it is massive enough (630 Grams of Head Mass) to resist waver, and it suffers no stroke wobble which might otherwise exasperate waver.This is another why the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior to old technology golf putters..​

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New Symmetric Golf Putters by Quantum - WAVER

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Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter never Wavers

The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter will never waver your putting stroke, and that makes it superior to all those that do (asymmetric blades and mallets).

Stroke me strong without waver!.

New Quantum Golf Putters Putting | WAVER

Don't be confused: Waver is not the same as Wobble.  Waver is a lineal deviation from the plane of your putting stroke, whereas Wobble is a rotational deviation during your putting stroke. Ideally your putting stroke should move from setup to backstroke to power stroke to follow-through, along a plane without waver (or wobble), and unlike asymmetric golf putters, new symmetric golf putters always do.


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