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Valuable Golf Putters have FREE PUTTER COVERS

A putter cover protects your putter investment, but it eventually wears out or gets lost, So we include one free cover when you buy your new Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, and we give you a free replacement cover whenever you request, just pay shipping and handling.

I will always be your valuable companion!...

Valuable Golf Putters have SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

We at Quantum give you the best possible Satisfaction Guarantee: If you ever become dis-satisfied with your Quantum Golf Putter just return it within 30 days and we will refund 100% of the merchandise price, no questions asked. Even if you become dissatisfied later, you can return it anytime within the first year and we will refund the amortized merchandise price, again no questions asked. Other golf putters lack this kind of satisfaction assurance and that is another way that Quantum SymmetricGolf Putter the Best. ..

Best Golf Putter | VALUE

Valuable Golf Putters have PROMPT DELIVERY

We at Quantum promise to ship your new custom-made Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter within one week of receipt of your order – if for some reason this is not possible we will notify you of the delay and offer to cancel your order and refund your advance deposit in full.

Valuable Golf Putters have FREE PUTTING ASSISTANT

This valuable little gadget is available only to Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter Clients and it is a tremendous aid for improving golf putting performance. It is a green reader, a ball marker and an practice attachment to your putter which shows you proper putter alignment. We give it to you free upon request, you just pay for the shipping and handling.

Golf Putter Value

Price is what you pay for a product; value is what you get for your money. With the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, you get the most value for the price you pay.

Valuable Golf Putters have COMPETITIVE PRICE

Ping, the pioneer of Blade Putters, markets at last count about 60 different putter models including a variety of both blades and mallets. The average price they suggest for one of their putters is about $200,  However when objectively evaluated a typical Ping Blade putters lack polar symmetry and score miserably on the other Golf Putter/Putting Evaluation Factors.

Odyssey, the pioneer of Mallet Putters, markets at last count about 20 different putter models including a variety of both mallets and blades. The average price for one of their putters is about $200. However when objectively evaluated a typical Odyssey Mallet putter lacks polar symmetry and scores a miserably on the other Golf Putter/Putting Evaluation Factors. .

Taylormade, Titleist Scotty Cameron, and PXG are also major golf putter marketers. They offer clones of the original Ping Anser Blade Putter, and their own versions of the Odyssey 2-Ball Mallet Putter. At last check, Taylormade offers about 20 different putter models at an average price of about $200. Titleist Scotty Cameron offers about 20 different putter models at an average price range of $300 to $400 (they cater to the "Brand Influenced Buyers"). PXG, a relative newcomer in the Golf Club Market, caters to the "big spenders", and offers 6 different putter models at a "price which if you have to ask, you cannot afford". But when any of these putter clones are objectively evaluated they all fall miserably short on the Golf Putter/Putting Evaluation Factors, and they all lack the absolute requirment of Polar Symmetry.

In comparison, the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putterscores a perfect 100% on Golf Putter/Putting Evaluation Factors and it embodies the all important Polar Symmetry which other putters lack, and is price a bit higher, but when objectively evaluated is a far better value..

What are you waiting for?

Valuable Golf Putters have LIFETIME WARRANTY

We at Quantum give you the best possible Warranty. If any defect might ever arise with your Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, just return it and we will repair or replace it at no cost; this for as long as you own it. 

New technology Quantum Symmetric Gold Putter offers best value in every category; old technology Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets not so much. That makes Quantum your Best Golf Putter.