Old Technology Blades

.Back in 1966 Ping debuted their Anser Golf Putter and it started the Blade Craze. The Blade Craze quickly displaced the antiquated "flatsticks" and have since dominated the world of golf. Only after the mallet craze started, have blades had to share the spotlight. At the present time, about half of all golfers carry a blade in the bag. Even though Ping originated the Blade Design, now almost every golf club maker offers clones of that design. So while the blade-in-the-bag, may not be a Ping Anser, it might as well be.


Now to your last question...

How much is it going to cost me to bag the new symmetric technology Quantum Golf Putter? 

  • Ping would say that you could get any one their 60 old technology golf putters for about $200.
  • Callaway/Odyssey would say you could get one of their 20 old technology putters for about $300
  • PXG would say you could get one of their 6 clones for... well they'd probably say, "If you have to ask, you cannot afford one".

  • Quantum offers the 1 Best Golf Putter for $395, but you can trade-in your old putter for a $100 rebate and that brings your actual cost down to a very competitive $295.

There is nothing left to say, so Bag It Now. 



Old Technology Mallets

Back in 2001 Odyssey debuted their Two-Ball Golf Putter and it started the Mallet Craze. The Mallet Craze displaced much of the Blade dominance. At present, about half of all golfers use a mallet. Even though Odyssey originated the mallet design, now almost every golf club maker offers copy-cat mallet variations, each trying to outdo the other with radical eye-catching shapes. So while the mallet-in-the-bag, might not look much like the original Odyssey 2-Ball anymore, it might as well be.

KISS -- Keep It Simple Stupid!

This is a well known saying, and it makes a lot of sense, but we would rather say, "KEEP IT SIMPLY SYMMETRIC". 

Benefit Comparison

​It all boils down to one chart which tells you everything you need to know about golf putters putting!

New Technology Symmetric Golf Putter

Now the new technology symmetric golf putter has been perfected by Quantum. Forward-looking golfers now have the opportunity to put in their bag a golf putter which fixes every design defect embodied in the old blades and mallets, Absent the design defects featured in the old blades and mallets, the symmetric golf putter gives maximum benefit to golf putting performance -- it is the golf putter every golfer now needs in the bag.

Quantum Golf Putters Putting | COMPARISON

New Symmetric Technology Golf Putter -- A QUANTUM IMPROVEMENT!


​​In the past 50 years there have really been only two kinds of golf putters available -- Blades and Mallets. But now a new kind of golf putter is available which fixes the design defects embodied in those old golf putters.