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Impact Twist is Bad

.Old technology asymmetric Blades and Mallets suffer Impact Twist on every Putt because the lack the principle of physics called "Polar Symmetry". Instead of correcting this problem by making symmetric putters, these old technology designers try to minimize the problem with high "Moment of Inertia". Yes High Moment of Inertial is another principle of physics, but it is not the principle that solves the Twist Problem.  The Twist Problem can be corrected only with Polar Symmetry.   

2. New Symmetric Golf Putter Eliminates Impact Twist

Old asymmetric technology Blades and Mallets typically have the shaft vector into the heel of the head so when the head impacts with the ball, the head always twists open and that is detrimental to your putting performance. The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter never twists upon ball impact because the shaft is perfectly straight and precisely vectors into the center of mass of a symmetrical head - that is a great benefit for your golf putting performance.

Perfect Impact is Good

When the putter head does not twist upon ball impact, then you have "perfect impact" and that is a requirement for precision putting. How can this be assured? Simply by making sure you are putting with a polar symmetric golf putter. The old technology asymmetric Blades and Mallets all suffer from the lack of polar symmetry, not so with the new Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. So if you want to enjoy precision putting with absolutely no impact twist, you need Quantum in your golf bag. 

I will never twist away from your perfect impact!.


Put Another Way

Most of us are not physicists, so lets put this concept another way that everybody can understand: Would you play tennis with a racquet that looked like this? 

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