Curing Impact Twist

Can you imagine playing tennis with a racquet that looked like this? Of course not! Then why would you ever use a blade or silly mallet that looked like that? .

Cause​ & Cure

When we apply this principle to a golf putter, ball impact is the force and the point of security is where the shaft is installed into the head. So if the shaft is installed into the head at the heel end of the head, and the ball impact force is applied to the center of the head, as is typically the case with most golf putters on the market today, the ball impact force will cause the head will rotate (twist). Of course, head twist is problematic for precision putting because it launches the ball off intended line with side-spin, 

It is a principle physics that when force is applied to an object some distance offset from its point of security. the offset force (torque) will cause the object to rotate -- commonly called iMPACT TWIST.  When the putter head twists upon impact, the ball is launched off-intended-line and with adverse side-spin.-- none of this is good for precision putting. 

But Doesn't High Moment of Inertia Solve the Twist Problem?

It is comical when golf putter designers who know little about the physics of "moment of inertia" try to convince you that "moment of inertia" will solve their impact twist problems.  All you need to know about "moment of inertia" is that it is the trait of a physical object which resists change in the object's rotation; but resisting is not eliminating; and to help precision putting performance we need to eliminate impact twist entirely. Polar Symmetry eliminates Impact Twist entirely, and that is what make the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter superior to Blades or Mallets.


Tap Test 

To find out if a golf putter is prone to impact twist, just hold it lightly with one hand, and then tap the impact surface with a finger of the other hand as shown -- then if the putter twists as it is tapped, it will twist upon ball impact. A golf putter that does this should be tossed into the trash-heap of bad design. 

As is so often the case, once the cause is found, the cure becomes obvious. The Cure for Impact Twist is simple -- the shaft must be straight and vectored precisely into the center of mass of the golf putter head. Only one golf putter on the market today is perfectly shafted in this way, so it suffers no glide drift whatsoever. It is the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter and you can...