Problem & Solution

Two of the worst causes of missed putts are WOBBLE and TWIST, and both are cured with Symmetric Technology.  There is nothing new about the principle of polar symmetry, it was discovered by Sir Newton back in the 1600's. This principle of physics is not well understood by most ordinary people, definitely not understood by the designers of Blade and Mallet Putters. But the designer of the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is a physicist, and he understands polar symmetry well. So the new technology he has designed, embodies perfect polar symmetry and that makes it better than any old blade or mallet.  

​​Tap Test -- Hold the golf putter losely with one hand as shown, and then tap the location on the impact face where the ball is usually impacted. If the putter head twists upon such tapping, it suffers polar asymmetry and will always twist open when impacting the ball -- that of course is very bad for precision putting. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putternever twists upon impact and that makes it clearly superior to the old blades and mallets.

Polar Symmetry made Simple

Polar Symmetry is a principle of physics, spherical geometry, and vector analysis that is far beyond the interest level of most people, but it is nevertheless extremely important for golf putter designers to understand. Unfortunately for golfers, most golf putter designers have no understanding of this principle and that is much to the detriment of everyone's golf putting performance. Simply put Stroke Wobble comes as a result of the head being out-of-balance with the shaft (for example, imagine a tire rotating on an axle -- when the tire is out of balance or the axle is bent or crocked, obviously wobble will be the result). Simply put. Impact Twist comes as a result of having the point of impact a distance away from the source of force (for example, imagine playing tennis and then ask yourself what happens when the ball is impacted at a place other than the sweet-spot of the racquet, or how ridiculous it would be if your racquet had no sweet spot at all due to misshafting). ​Wobble and Twist are both cured by Polar Symmetry, and that is all you need to remember. 


Wobble Test -- Hold the golf putter between the palms of your hands as shown, and then move your palms forth and back as if you were testing the straightness of a pool cue. If the putter head wobbles as you do this, then it lacks polar symmetry and will always suffer stroke wobble when in actual use out on the green -- that of course is very bad for precision putting. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter never wobbles and that makes it superior to all the old blades and mallets. 

​Demonstrating Symmetry​​

The symmetry (or lack thereof) is easy to demonstrate. The "Tap Test" demonstrates a putter's propensity for detrimental impact twist, and the "Spin Test" demonstrates propensity for detrimental stroke wobble. 

Understanding by Analogy

It is easy to understand the principle of polar symmetry by analogy, than it is to learn about in in an upper division physics class. Just imagine pounding a bent nail with an out of balance mis-shafted hammer. Or image trying to drive a vehicle with a bent axle or an out of round tire. Or use a tennis racquet or baseball bat, or pool cue like pictured in sidebar. ​It quickly become apparent just how silly it is to use a blade or mallet golf putter, each of which suffers from not being symmetric..


Now you know more about the principle of polar symmetry than most people, in fact you know more about golf putter design, than all the Blade/Mallet Designers put together,

​​Until now there have been only two kinds of golf putters -- MALLETS and BLADES. But now a new golf putter technology has made those old kinds of golf putters obsolete. This new kind of golf putter is SYMMETRIC, and it is a very big idea.   So big in fact, that if your old golf putter is asymmetric, it should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design and replaced with a symmetric golf putter.

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