It is simple -- if your golf putter an asymmetric blade or mallet, it should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design, and replaced with the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. 


Did you know there are now three kinds of putters to choose from: Old technology Blades and Mallets, and the New Technology Symmetric Golf Putter?  

It may surprise you that there are so many factors that need to be considered when evaluating a golf putter, and maybe learning about all that is more than you want to do -- that's okay. You will benefit from having the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter  in your bag even though you don't at-first know why.  All you really need to know is that there are only two kinds of golf putters -- Symmetric and Asymmetric -- the first is good for you the other is not.. ...  

SPIN TEST for Golf Putter Symmetry
Baseball Analogy for Golf Putter Symmetry
TAP TEST for Golf Putter Symmetry

​​​Many golfers do not realize the importance of using a good golf putter - in fact most golfers are currently using golf putters that are design defective and detrimental to their putting performance. The game of golf is typically played on a course of 18 holes, each hole being either a “Par 3”, “Par 4”, or “Par 5 hole”. Par is the expectation of strokes needed to hole out the golf ball. Par-3 holes typically require the usage of a Driver once, and the Putter twice.  Par-4 holes typically require usage of a Driver once, an Iron once, and a Putter twice.  Par-5 holes typically require usage of a Driver once, an Iron twice, and a Putter twice. A golfer is limited by the rules of the game to no more than 14 golf clubs in his bag, including the Putter. So, when playing a typical 72-Par 18-Hole Golf Course, a par-golfer will typically use his putter about 36 times and all the rest of the clubs put together a total of about 36 times. Clearly, this makes the golf putter the most used and therefore the most important club in a golfer’s bag. Obviously, the most important tool should be the best tool available and definitely not a tool that is detrimental to performance..

Symmetric Technology is a principle of physics that applies to all impacting tools. One golf putter has it and other golf putters lack it. Understanding golf putter technology is not easy so put your thinking cap on and let us explain it all in the easiest possible way

Every golfer knows that the Golf Putter is a tool that is intended for specialized use on the Golf Green, so let's start here on common ground. Putters are much different than other golf clubs which are intended for use elsewhere on the golf course, different than Drivers (Woods) which are intended for use on the tee box, and different than Field Clubs (Irons) which are intended for use out on the fairway. The USGA (United States Golf Association) and the R&A (Royal and Ancient) Rules of Golf) specify design requirements for the form/function/usage of golf clubs including putters; and those requirements are HERE.

Billiards Analogy for Golf Putter Symmetry

If you dream of better Performance, come with me! 

Golf Putter Technology -- Symmetry v Asymmetry 

Old technology golf putters including Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Styl Mallets and all their copycats are Asymmetric. The new technology Quantum Putter is Symmetric. The difference is stark and simple...


  • ​The New Symmetric Putter is always beneficial for putting performance, and never detrimental. 
  • Old Asymmetric Putters are never beneficial for putting performance, and always detrimental. 

What is Symmetry? -- A Symmetrical Golf Putter embodies a symmetrical grip mounted on a symmetrical shaft the vectors precisely into the center of mass of a  symmetrical head.  Asymmetrical Golf Putters have oddly shaped grips mounted on oddly shaped shafts that are missvectored into oddly shaped heads. Symmetry is the difference between GOOD and BAD golf putters -- Polar Symmetry is a principle of physics that applies to all impacting tools, and golf putters are impacting tools. Physics does not come easy for most, but fortunately this principle of physics can easily be understood by analogy and easily tested for without special equipment.​ 

​Symmetry is easily Understood by Analogy --  Can you imagine dribbling a football like you do a basketball? Of course not and the reason is that the basketball is symmetrical and the football is asymmetrical, But let's not stop there. Would you play tennis with a miss-vectored shaft like the one shown below?  Would you play baseball with an offset bat? Would you shoot pool with a bent cue? Of course not and why? Because you intuitively understand the principle of symmetry. 

Tennis Analogy for Golf Putter Symmetry



Hold your putter shaft between the palms of your hands as shown, and then move your palms back and forth to rotate the shaft to and fro (as you would do when testing a pool cue for playing suitability). If there is any wobble, then your putter lacks the required polar symmetry for sweet impact, and it is not worthy to be in your golf bag. 


Hold your golf putter loosely with one hand as shown, and then with a finger of your other hand tap the place where you usually strike the golf ball. If the golf putter head twists when tapped, it does not have the polar symmetry required for sweet impact, and is not worthy sporting goods for your golf bag. 

​​Symmetry is Simple to Test

If your golf putter does not twist when tapped and does not wobble when spun, then it is symmetrical; if it twists or wobbles then it is asymmetric. Asymmetric golf putters should be tossed in the trash heap of defective design, and replaced with a new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.