Tactile Grip is Best -- Fatigue is the enemy of performance. Quantum's comfortable tactile golf putter grip feels good and minimizes fatigue. Covered with tiny protruding knobs, it pushes gently into the skin of your hand as you grasp your putter and that enables you to have a firm hold without needing to exert excessive pressure. Old technology Blades and Mallets typically lack tactile grips and that is another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior. 

Impervious Grip is Best  -- Field clubs spend most of their time high and dry in the golf bag, but not the putter. It is in use most of the time and during hot humid weather its grip tends to get soggy and slippery. One golf putter is impervious to moisture; actually it could be dunked in a bucket of water and then used immediately without even drying it of. Even then its effectiveness is as good as when completely dry. Not so with many old technology blade and mallet grips that get soggy and slippery even just from sweaty hands and high humidity. This another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior.

Linearly Symmetrical Grip is Best -- Field clubs require tapered grips because of high swing speed (without tapered grips we’d see field clubs flying all over the golf course). But the putting stroke is slow and deliberate, so there is no need to taper a putter grip. In fact tapering is actually detrimental to precision putting and here is why: Greens are always sloped and often quite steeply. Sometimes you need to set your stance on the high side of a slope; other times on the low side. When on the high side, you need to grasp higher on the grip in order to reach the ball. When on the low side you will need to grasp lower. Only on the level will your grasp be normal, and level is rare on a golf green. When the putter grip is tapered or otherwise oddly shaped, the feel of the putter changes from one putt to another.  This constant change of feel is detrimental to putting performance, and is likely the cause of the dreaded putting "yips". Old technology Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets typically have tapered grips, and this is another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior.

Laterally Symmetric Grip is Best -- Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets typically embody grips that are asymmetrical in cross-section; some are made with a flat side while others are made kind of like a pistol grip. The misguided thinking behind this is that this grip asymmetry might somehow help with putter alignment. Even if that was true -- and it isn't -- then how does the putter maker decide how to orient that asymmetric putter grip permanently on the shaft before you even buy it? The more you think about this, the more absurd it gets. Who would think that the putter should be put in charge of putting alignment -- that is the job of the golfer and any "help" in that regard the putter might give is actually a hinderance. Lateral Symmetry is an important feature that benefits golf putting performance, and it is another way that the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior.

Fitted Grip is Best -- Hands come in all sizes; ladies and youth usually smaller, and men usually vary from medium to large. A factory installed "one-size-fits-all" kind of putter grip is unlikely to fit your hand size and when it doesn't fit that is bad for your putting performance. Some even promote a oversized grip as being somehow beneficial, but using an ill-fitted grip seems ridiculous. Each Quantum Clients specifies the grip size that is most comfortable and that is as it should be. Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets offer no such benefit, and that is another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is best.

Black Grip is Best -- Do you know why other golf putter makers put flashy brightly colored grips on their golf putters? They want to attract your attention to their product in the putting corral of the retail store. But a gaudy putter grip out in the peace and quiet of the golf green seems oddly out of place; and most likely it also clashes with your golfing apparel.  Maybe you think that has no effect on your putting performance, but it does. ​When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, your putting performance is improved. You will look better on the green with a conservative basic black putter grip instead of a golf putter with a gaudy attention grabbing grip. Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets typically have gaudy grips while Quantum's grip is elegant black = another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior

Golf Putters | New Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

You will love the way I look and feel! 

Golf Putter Shaft -- Five Evaluation Factors

  • Sturdy Shaft
  • Straight Shaft
  • Vectored Shaft
  • Fitted Shaft​
  • ​Black Shaft

Massive Head is Best -- Scientific research shows that a heavy head is beneficial for putting stroke momentum; not so much a heavy shaft or heavy grip. Momentum is known by physicists as the quantity of motion of a moving body, and it is measured by the product of mass and velocity. The velocity of a putting stroke is very slow, so good momentum must be achieved with greater head mass. Golfers know it as heavy head, and it is heavy head that achieves smooth sore putting stroke. Old technology golf putters especially Ping style blades, but also Odyssey style mallets are quite light-headed. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has a heavy head weighing in at over 600 grams, so it achieves a very smooth sure stroke and yields good momentum even with very slow putting stroke, that makes it best.

Compact Treaded Head is Best-- A compact uni-body putter head is made from a single block of material and has no troublesome attachments. Over time, attached parts tend to loosen or even detach and who wants that? Unnecessary marketing flair like wings, openings, pads, or weights cause trouble; if not at first then most certainly over time. A treaded sole is also very beneficial in hold intended line. Old technology Ping style blades and especially Odyssey style mallets suffer this, but not the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, and is another way Quantum is best.

Symmetrical Head is Best -- A symmetrical head is a requirement for Polar Symmetry and polar symmetry enables Sweet Impact. and sweet impact is what every golfer wants when putting on the green. Astounding as it may seem, there is only one golf putter on the market today that capable of all that -- the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. 

Durable Head is Best -- Purists would argue that Brass is best for a golf putter head, and honestly we thought so too at first. It has a high atomic weight and is a metal that gives a mellow impact feel. But brass is soft and it tarnishes, so it does not pass durability.  Aluminum is more durable than brass but it does not have sufficient atomic weight to provide a smooth putting stroke. A good compromise is stainless steel because it has almost as high atomic weight as brass, and it has more durability than aluminum. One golf putter is milled entirely out of a block of high grade stainless steel and then made even more durable with black ion plating. So it is not only durable and massive but also beautiful -- Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

Fitted Head is Best == Golfers vary in height and also in putting stance, so it is important that the Head Lie angle be custom fitted.  Old technology golf putter makers often rely upon bending the shaft to correct for their head-fitting-shortcoming. Of course bending the shaft brings along with it another whole set of problems, so it is the last thing that should ever be done. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is custom made at the head lie angle specified by its user, and that is another way it is best. 

Elegant Black/Silver Head is Best -- Some golf putter designers are more interested in creating putters for market interest than for putting performance. As a result we see golf putter designs that look like the patrons of the Star Wars Tavern. These ridiculous putter designs are not only silly, they are detrimental to your putting performance. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is all business and no silliness, and that is another way it is best.

Golf Putter Head -- Six Evaluation Factors

  • Massive Head
  • Compact Treaded Head
  • Symmetrical Head
  • ​Durable Head
  • Fitted Head
  • ​Elegant Black/Silver Head

8. Quantum Symmetric Putter Wins Best Form

Form is how a tool is designed and there are Seventeen (17) Form Evaluation Factors to consider. The old technology Blades score a dismal . 1 of 17; old technology Mallets did a little better scoring 2 of 17; but the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter wins Best Form with a perfect score of 17/17.  . 


Tha new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter wins 6 of 6 Grip Evaluation Factors, 5 of 5 Shaft Evaluation Factors, and 6 of 6 Head Evaluation Factors -- Perfect Score!  Old Technology Blades and Mallets did dismally by comparison, scoring only 1 or 2 of 17 Golf Putter Form Evaluation Factors. So Quantum is clearly superior and easily wins objective Golf Putter Form Evaluation.

What are you waiting for?

Golf Putter Grip -- Six Evaluation Factors

  • Tactile Grip
  • ​Impervious Grip
  • Linearly Symmetrical Grip
  • Laterally Symmetrical Grip
  • Fitted Grip​
  • ​Black Grip


Sturdy Shaft is Best -- Flexible shafts are usually made of composite material and they are beneficial for Field Clubs, but not Putters. Why? Because field clubs need high swing speed, and a flexible shaft gives it that extra boost at impact. But on the green, the putting stroke is slow and deliberate. Any flex in the shaft is counter-productive to precision putting. The new technology golf putter shaft is more sturdy than those on typical Ping style blades or Odyssey style mallets, and that is another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is best.. 

Straight Shaft is Best -- In addition to being a requirement for Polar Symmetry and Sweet Impact, a Straight Shaft brings another benefit to putting performance. Here's how: Your putting intentions are transmitted from your hands to the ball through the putter shaft, and when the shaft is straight your intentions are delivered straight-away. But when the shaft is bent or off-set, your intentions are disrupted along the way. And what you see when looking down the shaft during setup is disturbing. Plus a bent or crooked shaft is not coincident with the virtual power vector, so impact will always cause annoying vibration. None of this is good for precision putting. Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets typically have off-set or bent shafts and that is detrimental in many ways. Not so with the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter which has a perfectly straight shaft, and this is another way it is best.

Vectored Shaft is Best -- Ironically, Bent and Offset Golf Putter Shafts have become the norm. How did this happen? Ping started the Offset Shaft Trend with its Ping Anser Putter back in 1950. Odyssey started the Bent Shaft Trend with its 2-Ball Putter back in 2000. Since then other golf putter makers have blindly followed suit. A bent or offset shaft destroys Polar Symmetry and makes Sweet Impact impossible. Even a perfectly straight shaft if miss-vectored, will violates Polar Symmetry and makes Sweet Impact impossible. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.has a perfectly straight and perfectly vectored shaft and that is another way it is best.

Fitted Shaft is Best -- Golfers vary in height and also in putting stance. So it is important for putting performance that shaft length be fitted. Old technology golf putter makers like to sell off-the-shelf, so they offer only a very limited number of shaft lengths, sometimes only a couple or even just one. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter comes with shaft length specified by its user and that is another way it is best. 

Black Shaft is Best -- A black putter shaft is not only elegant but also practical. Shiny chrome plated shafts that are typical of Ping style blades and Odyssey styl mallets look nice, but they reflect sunlight and distract your attention from the job at hand. A basic black shaft is better because it disappears from your mind's eye and lets you concentrate of putting. But that is not all. The black shaft of the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter also reflects a fine line that integrates with the alignment aid on the top of the head - this makes proper putting setup intuitive. Only new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter wins this comparison category because it embodies the combination of a Black shaft with a silver reflection line that integrates with an alignment aid on the head to make proper setup intuitive.​