FALSE CLAIM - High Moment of Inertia solves Impact Twist Problem

The makers of asymmetric golf putters, especially the Mallet Kind, claim they have solved the Impact Twist problem by embodying high moment of inertia into their putter design. Moment of Inertia is a principle of natural law that has all massive objects resist changes in rotational motion -- the higher the mass and the farther away that mass is from the pole of rotation, the more resistance there will be to changes in rotational momentum. So a golf putter with higher moment of inertia, will resist impact twist more; but no matter how high the moment of inertia is, impact twist can never be eliminated in an asymmetric putter. The "high moment of inertia claim" made by asymmetric putter makers, is like putting lipstick on a pig -- the truth is that only polar symmetry solves the impact twist problem. 

FALSE CLAIM - Face Balancing solves Stroke Wobble Problem

The makers of asymmetric golf putters, especially the Mallet Kind, claim that they have solved the Stroke Wobble problem by Face Balancing. The ironically truth is that Face Balancing is actually the cause of Stroke Wobble! How?  Because a so called face balanced putter is actually out-of-balance toward the face. When one of these defectively designed putters is at setup, the face is perpendicular with your intended line, so far so good. But when you complete your backstroke, this defectively designed putter will want to rotate 90 degrees so it faces upward. Then as you complete your power stroke this defectively designed putter will want to rotate 180 degrees in the opposite direction so it ends face up at the top of your follow-through. Only your strong grip on the shaft will prevent this adverse rotation. Obviously none of this is good for precision putting. The truth is that only polar symmetry solves the stroke wobble problem.

Eliminates Stroke Wobble

Stroke Wobble is the tendency of an Asymmetrical Putter to rotate during the Putting Stroke. Asymmetric putters want to rotate 180 degrees from the top of the backstroke to the top of the follow-though , and the only thing stopping that rotation is an excessively tight grip on the shaft. After a while excessively tight grip becomes tiring and very detrimental to precision putting.  One golf putter suffers none of this.​

Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

​​Eliminates Impact Twist

Impact Twist is the tendency of an Asymmetrical Putter to Torque open as putter momentum is transferred to the ball at impact. This twisting torque causes the ball to be launched off intended line with adverse side-spin. To overcome this design defect, golfers who use asymmetric golf putters must make adjustments, and those adjustments must vary with every putt, and that is the cause of dreaded "putting yips". One golf putter suffers none of this...

Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Asymmetric Form

Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets have poor form and that results in poor putting performance. The difference between good form and poor form is the principle of physics known as Polar Symmetry. This is what enables Sweet Impact, and that is what every impacting tool needs. Tennis racquets have it. Baseball bats have it. Pool Cues have it. Golf Putters should have it too. But amazingly old technology golf putters lack this very important form factor. But the new symmetric golf putter technology embodies perfect polar symmetry and that perfected form makes it better than all the old technology golf putters that lack it. 

Symmetric Form

Simply put, Polar Symmetry requires a laterally symmetric grip mounted on a straight shaft that vectors presicely into the center of mass of a compact massive and symmetric head, With this requirement fulfilled, a putter is capable of "sweet impact" if not, it isn't. Sweet Impact is a requirement for precision putting, so any golf putter that lacks this capability should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design, and replaced with a symmetrical golf putter.

Symmetrical golf putters eliminate Stroke Wobble and Impact Twist, the two adverse consequences of using a golf putter that lacks Sweet Impact.   .


You are going to love having me in your bag.

Golf Putter Form 

Every golf putter embodies the same Form Factors, but the way these form factors are designed results how well the putter functions.  Function follows Form, so poorly designed form always results in poor putting function.  

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Quantum Golf Putter Form is Best

Quantum has perfect form so it is capable of sweet impact, which is what every golfer wants on the green. Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets lack this and that makes them unworthy of your golf bag. 


New Symmetric Golf Putter by Quantum

​​You are going to love my form and the way function....