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Other golf putter designers show off their unbridled creativity with outrageous putter heads that look like they came out of a tattoo parlor.  Instead of creating tools with good form and function, they create for eye catching market appeal. Good golf putter form and function embodies Sufficient Mass, Superior Material, Perfect Symmetry, and Design Elegance.  Quantum does this, others don't.

Swing Speed is important kn field play, not Head Mass

SUPERIOR MATERIAL | One Material is Best

When considering the best material for a Golf Putter Head, one should look for High Atomic Mass, Hardness, Reasonable Cost and Availability, and Durability. One material is clearly the best in every respect -- Stainless Steel. Second best is anodized aluminum which is less massive and much less durable A distant third best would be other materials such as wood, or comppsite fibers which are unsuitable for many reasons, not the least of which is lack of massiveness. Some older golf putters are made of Brass which is massive but too soft for long term usage. The Quantum Golf Putter Heads are made of the highest quality forged and plated and machined stainless steel; another reason why Quantum Golf Putters are best.



Design Elegance is a term many don't really understand. It means designing something simply for form and function, and not for for the purpose of grabbing attention. We all know design elegance when we see it; we also know gaudy design when we see it. Other golf putter designers do their best to attract attention instead of fulfilling the basic requirement of golf putter form and function. As a result many ; many of their designs look more like the patrons of the Star Wars Tavern than golf putters designed for the purpose of sinking putts. Not so with the Quantum Golf Putter which is designed entirely for golf putter form and function, and nothing else.

SUFFICIENT MASS | Putters need Mass for Momentum

Many people who are not physicists or mechanical engineers do not realize how important Momentum is for an Impacting Tool such as a Golf Putter. Without sufficient momentum, the golf putter stroke is wobbly waveily and unsure -- none of that is good for precision putting.

How do golf putters achieve the momentum they need? It is achieved with Mass! Since mass is a function of stroke speed and head mass, and because putting stroke speed very low, almost all momentum comes as a result of putter head mass. Field clubs are way different from putters in this respect. The Quantum Golf Putter with its massive club-head weighing in at more than 600 grams, has sufficient mass to always delivers a smooth sure stroke no matter the length of the putt, and that is why it is better than other golf putters.

Head Mass is  important in Green play, not Stroke Speed

PERFECT SYMMETRY | A Requirement for Polar Balance

Earlier we talked about the importance of Polar Balance (on the topic of SHAFTNG), and mentioned how critically important it was that the putter head have perfect symmetry. Now it comes time for us to talk more about Perfect Head Symmetry. Putter heads like everything else in our universe exist in three dimensions, X, Y, and Z. or more commonly reerred to as :Length, Width, and Depth.  So when we are talking about perfect symmetry as a requirement for polar balance, we are referring to the most compact combination of the length/width/depth of a mass  and how it acts when connected to a pole  Yes, this is very "Zen" and it may need translation for us ordinary folk but let's not bother with that now. Suffice it to say that a putter head needs to be compact and symmetrical and vectored precicely into its pole of rotation. Quantum Golf Putter head is just that, no more and no less, and that is another reason why Quantum is Best.


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Duane Engdahl