Stroke Comparison

QED Putter wins BEST STROKE because it Maximizes Momentum, eliminates stroke wobble, and eliminates stroke waver. Other golf putters fail miserably at these evaluation factors.

Stroke Waver is not the same as Stroke Wobble -- waiver is the lineal deviation from the plane of your putting stroke; whereas wobble is the rotational deviation of the putter head during your putting stroke. Both are very detrimental to your putting performance and both are suffered by old technology blade and mallet putters. One golf putter suffers none of that -- QED SYMMETRIC GOLF PUTTER.    

QED Eliminates Stroke Wobble

Stroke wobble (rotational instability) comes as a result of the putter being out of balance along its shaft (physicists call this polar symmetry). The marketers of mallet golf putters claim with misguided pride their putters are "face balanced", when in fact they are out of balance toward the face. Likewise the marketers of blade putters claim with misguided pride that their putters are "toe balanced", when in fact they are out of balance toward the toe. When a putter is out of balance either toward the face or toward the toe it will wobble when stroked. Why? 

Put your thinking cap on for this and concentrate. Imagine your old technology blade or mallet at the top of your putting back-stoke. Now imagine that you ease your grip so that the putter can rotate to its preferred position - for a blade that will be toe down, and for a mallet that will be face up. Got it? Okay now tighten your grip and imaging stroking your putter to the top of your follow-through. If your grip was tight, the toe of a blade will be up and the face of the mallat will be down, wouldn't it? This is 189 degrees out of the putter's natural equilibrium, as a physicist would say. Now if you ease your grip and allow the putter do what it wants, it will rotate to come to rest at equilibrium, a total of 180 degrees. Mallets will rotate such that they are once again face up and blades once again toe down. So what an old technology wobbly blade or mallet really wants to do is rotate 180 degrees from top of backstroke to top of follow-through and who knows what amount of that rotation has been completed at the point of impact. The only way you can prevent this problematic rotation from happening is to tightly grip the putter. Nothing about this is good!

The only way that problematic stroke wobble can be eliminated is with polar symmetry. A putter that embodies polar symmetry is in perfect balance at all times and has no rotational position preference whatsoever. That means even sith an easy grip, there will be no tendence for a symmetric putter to rotate during your putting stroke -- in other words polar symmetry eliminates stroke wobble.

Wobble Test

Here is an easy way for you to test for detrimental wobble. Hold your putter by the shaft or better yet by the grip, between the palms of your hands as shown. Then move your palms to and fro so as to spin the putter along its polar axis (shaft). If the putter wobbles as you do this, you have proven that your putter is an old technology asymmetric putter that should be tossed in the trash heap of defective design and replaced with a new technology symmetric golf putter.. 

QED Eliminates Stroke Waver

It is a principle of physics that momentum is a function of mass and velocity and it is momentum that resists stroke waver. Unlike field clubs which can have less massive heads because they gave more swing speed, a putter has low stroke speed so it must resist stroke waver with greater head mass. Old technology blade putters do not have enough head mass to adequately resist putting stroke waver; even heavier mallets lack enough mass to prevent stroke waver. The new technology QED Golf Putter because of its very high head mass (600 grams) it encourages an advantageous pendulum putting stroke and eliminates stroke waiver entirely.​

What about "back-weighting" shaft/grip?

Marketing and sales "experts" have come up with the idea of adding mass to the grip end and even the shaft of a putter, this so as to create product differentiation. But this does not comport well with physics. The natural laws of physics clearly indicate that swing momentum relates to swing speed and swing weight. The shaft and grip are accessories to this principle, thus having only the purpose of enabling momentum not affecting it. So adding weight to the grip or shaft actually lessens swing momentum because it lessens net swing weight. Therefore it is counterproductive to increasing swing momentum. You have a choice: do you believe physics or do you believe marketing/sales hype?  

Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters | STROKE 

Your Golf Putter Stroke builds momentum so that it can be transferred to the ball at impact, sending it to the hole. Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets suffer stroke wobble/waiver because they lack polar symmetry. One golf putter suffers none of that -- the QED SYMMETRIC GOLF PUTTER. ​

Stroke me with confidence!