GOOD GOLF PUTTER STROKE is a requirement for Good Putting Performance. Quantum has it while others lack it, and that makes Quantum the better putter -- THREE WAYS BETTER.



A smooth sure stroke is obviously beneficial for precision putting, but what is it that gives you that -- it is Momentum. Momentum is a function of Mass and Velocity. When velocity is low like it is in putting, then momentum must come from mass. That is why a massive putter head is good for putting performance. The Quantum Head is more massive than other golf putter heads and that makes Quantum the better golf putter.

Good Golf Putting Requires Good Putter STROKE

The Best Golf Putter has the best putting STROKE Quantum's Stroke is three ways better than other's including those of the market leaders Ping/Odyssey/Taylormade. Another reason why Quantum is the golf putter you need,

Big Idea plus Good Stroke

Your new golf putter needs the Big Idea in golf putters of course, but it should also deliver GOOD STROKE.  Good golf putter stroke requires More Mass, Less Wobble, and no Waiver.  Quantum has all this, other golf putters lack this all -- that makes Quantum the better golf putter.

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Okay, you have set your stance and aligned your putter perpendicular with your intended line, and now you are quite confident that you will sink the putt. What can go wrong? Of course your putting judgment might be wrong, but more likely it is stroke wobble that will be the culpirt. This is a new idea to many golfers, so put your thinking cap on while we explain. Golf putters that are lack Polar Symmetry wobble during putting stroke. So if you use a design defective putter that is "face balanced" or "toe balanced" or out of balance in any other way, then your putting stroke will suffer stroke wobble.

To understand stroke wobble, think about it this way. At setup, you have done your best to align the impact surface of your putter perpendicular with your intended line. But now as you start your backstroke, your out-of-balance putter will try to change this well intended alignment. So called Face Balanced Putters (which are actually out of balance toward the face) will try to force the impact surface to wobble out of alignment about 90 degrees. The so called Toe Balanced Putters (which are actually out of balance toward the heel) will try to wobble out of alignment about 90 degrees in the other direction. Only a firm grip on the putter can prevent this wobble.

Now as you start your power stroke, the putter head will counter-wobble so as to try retain its out-of-balance orientation, and by the time you reach the top of your follow-through, the wobble will have traversed a full 180 degrees. Who knows what the angle of wobble rotation will be at the instant of impact. and that is why stroke wobble is so bad for precision putting



Many of us do not possess the athleticism of our youth and our putting stroke waivers a bit more with every passing year. Of course, stroke waiver is bad for precision putting. But we need not suffer that decline. Instead we can let the natural principle of momentum work in our favor. Quantum has more mass than other golf putters; more mass means more momentum; more momentum means less waiver. This is another way Quantum is the better golf putter. .