Best Putter eliminates Stroke Wobble

Put your thinking cap on while we explain stroke wobble. Imagine you have set your stance and aligned your putter perpendicular with your intended line; now you are pretty confident that you will sink the putt. What can go wrong? Of course your putting judgment might be wrong, but more likely it is stroke wobble that will be the culpret. This is a new idea to many golfers, so put your thinking cap on while we explain. Golf putters that are lack Polar Symmetry wobble during putting stroke and that is a fact of physics. So if you use a design defective putter that is "face balanced" or "toe balanced", it is actually out of balance toward "face" or "toe". This will cause your stroke to wobble. To understand stroke wobble, think about it this way. At setup, you have done your best to align the impact surface of your putter perpendicular with your intended line. But now as you start your backstroke, your out-of-balance putter will try to change this well intended alignment. So called Face Balanced Putters will try to force the impact surface to wobble out of alignment about 90 degrees so the face is upward at the top of your backstroke. Toe Balanced Putters will try to wobble out of alignment about 90 degrees in the other direction. Only a firm grip on the putter can prevent this wobble.Then as you start your power stroke, the putter head will counter-wobble, and by the time you reach the top of your follow-through, the wobble will have traversed a full 180 degrees. Who knows what the angle of wobble rotation will be at the instant of impact..Stroke wobble is devastating for precision putting, yet virtually every Mallet and Blade on the market today suffers this problem; but not the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter


Best Putter has Good Momentum

A smooth sure stroke is obviously beneficial for precision putting, but what is it that gives you that? It is Momentum. Momentum is a function of Mass and Velocity. When velocity is low like it is in putting, then momentum must come from mass. That is why a massive putter head is good for putting performance. At over 600 grams, the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has good momentum even at slow putting stroke. Old technology Ping style blades and even Odyssey style mallets suffer lack of sufficient mass to provide good momentum at slow stroke speed -- another way Quantum is superior. 


Stroke me with confidence!

Best Putter eliminates Stroke Waver

Wobble causes Waver and lack of Mass makes matters worse. When an out-of-balance golf putter (out of polar symmetry) is stroked the head tends to wobble like an out-of-balance wheel on a axle. That wobble causes the stroke arc to wiggle on its way to impact. With that wiggle, it is impossible to control whether or not the impact face of the head will be perpendicular with your intended line at the instant of impact. None of this is good for precision putting.  One golf putter suffers none of this because it's symmetry eliminates wobble and wiggle - Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter


Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters win over old asymmetric Ping Style Blade Putters and Odyssey Style Mallet Putters. 

Best Golf Putter | STROKE

Stroke is what builds momentum so that it can be transferred to the ball at impact sending it to the hole. But Wobble and Waiver undermine sure stroke and reduce good Momentum and that is detrimental to putting precision. 


With Perfect Score of 3/3, while Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets fail miserably at Zero/3. 

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