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A sure smooth putting stroke is what every golfer wants. Whether you understand the physics of it or not, it is polar balance and increased inertia that delivers what you want. Quantum Golf Putter has it and other putters do not -- it is as simple as that,

NO WAIVER | More Inertia means Less Waiver

Keep your thinking cap on for a little while longer while we discuss another aspect of putter stroke physics. Golf is two different games. The field game uses clubs that swing at high speed; the green game uses a putter that strokes at slow speed.

Inertia is a function of mass and speed. In other words the more speed or mass the more inertia. Good inertia is important to both field club swing and putter stroke; what is different is the way good inertial is achieved. Field clubs achieve good inertia with high swing speed so heads can be light in mass. Putters because of very low stroke speed, must achieve good inertia with high head mass.

Blades and even mallets are way too light-headed to achieve good smooth stroke inertia as slow stroke speeds. Quantum has a very massive head (weighing in at over 600 grams), so it achieves very good inertia even on short putts. This makes Quantum best not only in sure, but also smooth putting stroke.

Spin Test shows Polar Balance. Just place your putter between the palms of your hands. Then move your palms to and fro as you would if you were testing the straightness of a pool cue. If your putter wobbles during this test, it is out-of-polar-balance, and the worse the wobble the worse the balance.

NO WOBBLE | Polar Balance Prevents Wobble


Stroke wobble comes as a result of imperfect polar balance. and it is a difficult principle of physics to convey, Most golfers have heard of "face balanced putters" or "toe balanced putters" but not "polar balanced putters. Ironically no matter how much they are touted as being beneficial, both face and toe balanced putters are out of polar balance and that causes wobble of the head during the putting stroke.

To understand this, imagine that you are holding a face balanced putter at the top of your putting backstroke. With a loose grip on the shaft, the putter head will rotate so that the impact face of the head will face upward, right?

Now imagine that you stroke the putter to the top of your follow-through and hold it there. With a loose grip on the shaft wouldn't the head of the putter now rotate so that the striking face pointed upward again?

Now let me ask you this: Wouldn't the head of the face balanced putter have to rotate 180 degrees from the top of the back-swing to the top of the follow-through?  Yes it would, except for the fact that your firm hold on the grip prevents it,

Resisting this rotation with a firm grip is tiring and futile. Rotation wobble will make it almost impossible to assure that the impact face will be properly aligned at the instant of impact. That is what makes stroke wobble such an insidious detriment to putting precision.. 

Rotation wobble happens whenever a putter is out of polar balance, whether it is face or toe imbalance or any other kind. The only sure prevention of this putting detriment is to make sure the putter you use is actually polar balanced, Fortunately there is a simple test you can do to see if your putter has polar balance:

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Duane Engdahl

Putting precision requires a putting stroke that has no wobble, no waiver, and is sure and strong. Other putters do not deliver on that requirement, but Quantum does.  Another reasons why Quantum Golf Putter is Best.


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