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Big Idea plus Good Shaft

Your new golf putter needs the Big Idea in golf putters of course, but it should also have GOOD SHAFT.  A good golf putter shaft is Straight, Sturdy, Vectored, Fitted, and Black. Quantum  has all this, other golf putters lack this all -- that makes Quantum the better golf putter.


In addition to being a requirement for Polar Symmetry and Sweet Impact, a Straight Shaft brings another benefit to putting performance. Here's how: Your putting intentions are transmitted from your hands to the ball through the putter shaft, and when the shaft is straight your intentions are delivered straight-away. When the shaft is bent of crooked your intentions are disrupted along the way. Without getting too deep into the physics of it all, think of it this way. There is a virtual power vector that connects your hands to the center of mass of your putter head and although you cannot see it, it is perfectly straight. But when the actual shaft is not coincident with this virtual vector then upon impacting the ball, a vibration between the virtual and actual shaft runs up the shaft to your hands and that is annoying. Being annoyed is detrimental to precision putting..



When a perfectly straight shaft connects a symmetrical grip to the center of mass of a symmetrical head, we have a putter that a physicist would say has "Polar Symmetry." A Polar Symmetrical object can be spun about its axis (pole) without wobble, like a balanced wheel spinning on an axle. Of course a putter is not a wheel, but when the shaft is miss-vectored it will wobble when it is stroked. Wobble is detrimental to precision putting. Quantum embodies the Big Idea of Polar Symmetry, others do not/ That makes Quantum the better golf putter.



GOOD GOLF PUTTER SHAFT is a requirement for Good Putting Performance. Quantum has it while others lack it, and that makes Quantum the better putter -- FIVE WAYS BETTER.


Good Golf Putting Requires Good Golf Putter SHAFT

The Best Golf Putter has the best SHAFT. Quantum's Shaft is five ways better than other golf putter shafts, including those of the market leaders Ping/Odyssey/Taylormade. Another reason why Quantum the golf putter you need,



Bright shiny putter shafts look nice but they reflect sunlight and distract your attention from the job at hand -- precision putting. A basic black shaft is best because it disappears from your mind's eye and lets you concentrate of putting, Quantum shaft is black and that makes it the better golf putter. ​


Golfers vary in height and also in putting stance. So it is important for putting performance that shaft length be fitted. Other golf putter makers like to sell off the shelf, so they offer only a few shaft lengths, sometimes only a couple or even one. Quantum Clients specify the shaft length when they order, and this makes it the better golf putter.



It is so obvious that a straight shaft is best for precision putting that dwelling on the topic should be unnecessary, but somehow bent and crooked  putter shafts have become the norm. How did this happen? Ping started the Crooked Shaft Trend with its Anser Putter back in 1950, and Odyssey started the Bent Shaft Trend with the 2-Ball in 2000. Since then others have followed suit.

The physics of bent/crooked shafts versus straight shafts is tedious. so lets think of it by analogy: Would you shoot pool with a bent cue? Of course not!. So why would you use a bent shaft putter? Or would you play baseball with a crooked shaft bat? No! So why would you putt with a crooked shaft putter?

The Quantum shaft is perfectly straight, and that makes it the better golf putter.


Flexible shafts are usually made of composite material and they are beneficial on field clubs. There, high swing speed at impact is the goal, and the whip of a flexible shaft gives a little extra impact speed. But on the green, the putting stroke is slow and deliberate and any flex in the shaft is counter-productive to precision. Quantum shaft is sturdy and that makes it the better golf putter. ​