Setup Benefits

   19.  Visual Elegance helps; Confusing Clutter hinders 

   20.  Intuitive Impact Alignment helps

   21.  Excessive Linear Alignment Clutter hinders​​

21.  Excessive Linear Alignment Aids Hinder 

Linear alignment (setting up such that the stroke sends the ball down your intended line) is entirely the responsibility of the golfer, and the putter has nothing to do with this. So linear alignment aids are superfluous and only function to clutter the golfers view of the top of the putter; and of course a cluttered view is disturbing at the worst possible time - when one is concentrating on sinking the putt. It makes one wonder why golf putter designers are so enamored with creating eye-catching linear alignment aids - it is not because they want to improve your putting performance, it is instead to attract your attention in the retailer's putting corral (there is only one attention grabber more effective than a cluttered head and that is a gaudy grip)..  

Putting Setup Evaluation

When evaluating golf putting setup, there are three factors to consider (in addition to the 18 putter feature factors). One golf putter scores perfectly in this evaluation - the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.  Other golf putters score dismally and should be tossed in the trash heap of defective design. 

19.  Elegance Helps, Clutter Hinders

Of course it is the golfer who must decide upon Putting Line & Touch, and it is the putter that must carry out the golfer's intentions. Golf putter alignment aids have become all the rage since the Odyssey 2-Ball putter came upon the scene, and now every putter maker is climbing over the others to make more and more innovative alignment aids.  But the only alignment aid that actually helps is an aid which indicates whether or not the golf putter head is perpendicular with the golfer's intended line.  All other so called alignment aids actually attempt to influence a golfer's intended line and that is entirely useless and may even cause misalignment.

20.  Intuitive Impact Alignment Helps 

It is important that the golf putter head is perfectly perpendicular with your intended lind line at the instant of impact and that the point of impact is at the center of gravity of the putter head.. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter assures that with "intuitive alignment". .As you can readily observe in the sidebar illustration, it is easy to tell when the putter face is too open or too closed; when just right the reflection line on the black straight shaft, aligns perfectly with the silver guideline on the top toe end of the putter head. Furthermore, it is intuitively natural to impact the ball at the center of mass of the head because that is where the shaft is vectored. The benefit is that you always have perfect impact alignment without even thinking about it -- -- easy-peesy!  

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