Symmetry Improves Performance

Quantum Golf Putter Company
Put New Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter in your bag.


​Setup Benefits

  19.  Visual Elegance helps; Confusing Clutter hinders 

   20.  Intuitive Impact Alignment helps

   21.  Intuitive Linear Alignment helps

Excessive Linear Alignment Aids Hinder 

Lateral Alignment Aids -- However, a golf putter can cure lateral putting misalignment, and the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf putter does so. As pictured, the Quantum Putter uses the reflection line on its black shaft to align with the silver alignment aid on the top of the toe; this makes it intuitively obvious when during setup you have the head precisely perpendicular with your stance and stroke plane. The picture shows how easy it is to see that one alignment is open and the other is closed, and it is just as easy to see when the putter impact alignment is perfect, This solves the misalignment problem, is very beneficial for precision putting, and it is uniquely Quantum. 


Setup Evaluation Details

​When your putting setup is misaligned, you have no hope that your golf putter will carry out your line and touch intentions and sink the putt. There are three golf putting setup problems to cure... 

Elegance Helps, Clutter Hinders

Of course it is the golfer who must decide upon Putting Line & Touch, and it is the putter that must carry out the golfer's intentions. Golf putter alignment aids have become all the rage since the Odyssey 2-Ball putter came upon the scene, and now every putter maker is climbing over the others to make more and more innovative alignment aids.  But the only alignment aid that actually helps is an aid which indicates whether or not the golf putter head is perpendicular with the golfer's intended line.  All other so called alignment aids actually attempt to influence a golfer's intended line and that is entirely useless and may even cause misalignment.

Intuitive Alignment Helps 

Linear Alignment Aids -- It is your putting judgment which decided upon the line of ball launch and the power (touch) you apply to the ball, and frankly your putter has nothing to do with any of that. Markings on the top of the putter head that supposedly aid you in down-line alignment of your putting stroke are useless and cause confusion. It is a physiological fact that your eyes cannot even see these markings as the head as it moves along the plane of the stroke.  So it is that the two round shapes on the top of the popular Odyssey 2-Ball mallet and all the other so-called alignment markings are nothing more than design decorations intended to attract buyer's attention at the retailers putting corral.