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Most of the Blades and Mallets are made for Right-Handed Golfers; only rarely are they made for Leftes, Even though about 12 percent of the general population is left-handed, only about 6 percent of golfers are lefties. Thte reason for this disparity is that golf club makers don't bother making equipment for that small market sector, It was not until the ambidextrous Phil Mickelson came along in the 90's that putter makers paid much attention to left handed golfers. The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER is ambidextrous in usage, so it works for either Left-Handed or Right=Handed golfers, and for either a Fore-Handed or Back-Handed purring stroke. This is the 19TH of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.



If it does not fit, you must admit that a golf putter, no matter what other features and benefits it might embody, will never be fully suitable for precision putting. There are only three Fitting Factors to consider: 1) Grip Size, 2) Shaft Length, and 3) Head Lie Angle. Blades and Mallets currently on the market typically do not offer grip fitting, only very limited shaft fitting, and their way of fitting for head lie is to bend the shaft!  But when you order your new QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER, you specify each of these fitting factors, this so you enjoy perfect fit. That is good for your putting performance, and the 21ST of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter. 


Static Alignment -- Intuitive Alignment is more than easy; it requires absolutely no thinking on your part at all. When you look down the black shaft of a QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER you will instantly see if the reflection line of the shaft aligns with the silver groove on the top of the Quantum Head. When it does you have perfect perpendicular alignment of the impact surface with your Intended Line. It is the 20TH of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.

Dynamic Alignment -- But that is not all. Sure inuitive alignment helps with setup, but what about holding line during the Putting Stroke? The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER does that too. The unique and patented Glide Groves of the Quantum Putter automatically prevent swiping across intended line, thus not only is Quantum Putter Alignment Intuitive, it is also Automatic. Even more reason why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.

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Sure Easy Setup

Good Setup is good for putting performance and it should be sure and easy. One putter is best for this...