Quantum Golf Putters

The Proof is in the Putting

Click this graphic to see an ultra-slow motion video of the perfect rolling launch of the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter -- do you see any bounce or backspin?  

CAUTION" Come back before watching the next video which shows you how to bend a putter to make it bad for putting precision!  

Rolling Launch is Good

It is a principle of physics that a golf putter with zero loft angle on its impact face will always launch the ball with zero loft and no backspin; but a putter with a loft angle on the impact face will always launch the ball with detrimental bounce and backspin.  O​ld technology blades and mallets all embody loft in the impact face ranging typically about 4 degrees but some up to as much as 7 degrees. This is so common that nobody seems to wonder why!. But if golfers want the ball to roll when launched, then why would they use a lofted putter? The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has zero loft on its impact faces, so it never launches the ball with bounce or backspin. 


Your launch will roll true without bounce or backspin.

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What are you waiting for?

3. New Symmetric Golf Putter Eliminates Launch Bounce & Backspin

Old asymmetric technology Blades and Mallets typically have a loft angle of about 4 degrees and that causes launch loft and ball backspin, both of which are detrimental to precision putting. The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has zero loft so it never launches the ball with detrimental bounce or backspin -- that is a great benefit for your golf putting performance..  


Bouncy Backspin Launch is Bad

Many of the putting guru's maintain that the ball, when it is on the green should be rolled to the cup. So why do so many of them recommend putters that have a loft angle that causes the ball launch to be up into the air with backspin?  It makes no sense!  So if you want to roll the ball when it on the green, you need a golf putter that has zero loft.