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David of Swadlincote, England -- "Quantum solves the backspin bounce launch problem and I consider that to be a very important breakthrough."

Edgar of San Carlos, Brazil --  "I have no doubt that the golf balls roll much smoother than with my former putters - Original Ping Anser, Nike OZ, Taylormade Rossa Monza. My overall feeling is very positive. Quantum is a very efficient putter and I am beginning to really enjoy having it." 

David of Upper Hutt Wellington, New Zealand -- "I am a lefty so my choices are always limited and I appreciate Quantum/ L/R convertibility, so not only can I use it myself but also let my right handed frens give it a go also."

Brett of Robina, Queensland Australia -- "The Quantum is so different than anything else, that trying to compare it with other putters is like trying to compare apples with oranges. My major concern about the Quantum was its loft because so many were telling me that a loft angle was needed to lift the ball up out of the turf indent, but that was quickly dispelled and to prove the point to myself, I actually stepped on a few balls to push them further down into the turf and I found that the rolling launch still always occurred."  

Ken of West Simsbury, Connecticut --  "In my over 40 years of golfing and having achieved Golf Digest Teacher of the Year, PGA professional of the Year, and Horton Smith Award in Connecticut, I have seen a lot of putters, but fro its beautiful head to its awesome grip, you can't find a better putter than the Quantum."

Thomas of Navarre, Florida --  "I searched Google for "Best UAGA Golf Putters" and found Quantum. I purchased it because everything you said made sense."

Mike of Goodyear, Arizona --  "I have been golfing for over thirty years, and this is the first time I ever bought a piece of equipment that actually did everything the manufacturer said it would do."

James of Brookings, Oregon -- "I was the inventor of "Metalwoods" and ever since selling my company to a major clubmaker, I have always said that if I were to go back into the clubmaking business, it would with a putter rather than any of the other clubs needed to make up a set. I understand perfectly what you say about "bending/breaking" the shaft and your analogy about heel shafting tennis racquets made the point in a way everybody can understand. I look forward to using my new Quantum Putter and I would be happy to give whatever help and advise I can from my experience as a golf club entrepreneur." 

John of Murrieta, California -- "I came across your website and after reading it for over an hour, and I am blown away!  You give the best explanation on golf putters and putting I have ever read and that is saying something because I have been a PGA Member for over 50 years and active in teaching golf for almost that entire time. Quantum is the only putter that has it right. To say the least, I am very impressed with my brand new Quantum Golf Putter. Congratulations on your new company and revolutionary new putter product -- I expect good things will come your way."

George of Phoenix, Arizona -- "I am impressed by the thoroughness of your website and everything you say about golf putter technology, enormously impressed!  I did your spin test on all the putters I own, and every one of them failed miserably. I am astounded that the major golf putter makers seem not to know the first thing about good golf putter design." 

Ray of Scottsdale, Arizona --  "I have been golfing since I was five years old, and I am very particular about the clubs I use, especially the putter. I love the way my new Quantum Putter feels, and I will be using it from now on. ​​And I will be talking about this fabulous new putter on my golf-talk radio show, if that is okay with you."  

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