INTUITIVE ALIGNMENT | It is more than easy!


Quantum;s Intuitiv Alignment is more than easy, it requires absolutely no thinking on your part at all. When you look down the black shaft of a Quantum Golf Putter you will instantly see if the reflection line of the shaft aligns with the silver shaft size groove on the top of the putter head; when it does you have perfect perpendicular alignment of the striking surface with your intended line -- no thinking is necessar.

Another golf putter maker uses similar alignment technology and they call it tthe "Seemore RifleScope" alignment technology. It is effective in the same way as our Quantum Alignment Technology, but we believe Quantum is better because what you see is always more reliaable than what you don't see.


AUTOMATIC ALIGNMENT | Also more than easy!


Quantum;s Automatic Alignment is also more than easy. It happens during the glide phase of putting and it happens automatically without you even knowing it. The grooves of Quantum's glider act to keep your putter head perpendicular with your intended line; with their help, you will never swipe across your intended line and it makes it impossible for your putter head to twist out of perpendicular alignment during glide across the green..


​​Only good putting judgment can determine the intended line and touch of a putt and this is a skill most golfers work on their entire lives. To expect a golf putter to take the place of that judgment is foolhardy. The only thing a golf putter can do is help you put the striking face of the putter head perpendicular to your intended line, and that is exactly what the Quantum Golf Putter does, no more and no less... but it does that singular task very well and that is why it wins Best Alignment.

NO FAKE ALIGNMENT AIDS | All the Rage Nowadays!


Fake Alignment Aids are all the rage nowadays. It has gotten so bad that other putter makers are crawling all over each other to make some kind of new alignment aid to foist onto the Golf Market. Not Quantum. We embody actual alignment aids not fake ones, and we believe you are smart enough to know the difference.  Quantum wins Best Alignment for good reason.

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