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Good Golf Putting Requires Good ALIGNMENT

The Best Golf Putter has the best ALIGNMENT Quantum's Alignment is two ways better than other's including those of the market leaders Ping/Odyssey/Taylormade. Another reason why Quantum is the golf putter you need,

‚ÄčBig Idea Plus Good Alignment 

Of course alignment is the responsibility of the golfer, not the golfer's putter, But a good golf putter can help in two ways: Setup Alignment and Stroke Alignment. The Quantum Golf Putter embodies not only the Big Idea in golf putters, it also embodies beneficial Intuitive Alignment and Dynamic Alignment features, but does not bother its golfer with any detrimental fake alignment aids.



Intuitive Alignment is more than easy, it requires absolutely no thinking on your part at all. When you look down the black shaft of a Quantum Golf Putter you will instantly see if the reflection line of the shaft aligns with the silver groove on the top of the Quantum Putter head; when it does you have perfect perpendicular alignment of the impact surface -- no worry! Another golf putter maker -- SeeMore -- maker uses a somewhat similar alignment idea and they call it "RifleScope". Riflescope alignment is effective. but in our opinion not as good as Quantum Alignment Technology. Why? Because Quantum what you see is always more reliable than what you don't see. So Quantum is the better golf putter,


Like tread on your vehicle's tires keep it from skidding into another lane, the unique glider grooves machined into the sole of the Quantum Golf Putter keeps it from swiping across uour intended putting line. Other golf putters lack this important benefit and that is another way Quantum is the better golf putter.



GOOD GOLF PUTTER ALIGNMENT is a requirement for Good Putting Performance. Quantum has it while others lack it. and that makes Quantum the better putter -- TWO WAYS BETTER.




Fake Alignment Aids are all the rage nowadays. It has gotten so bad that other putter makers are crawling all over each other to make some kind of new alignment aid to dupe the gullible golfmarket. Bad alignment ideas range from asymmetric grips that promote poor alignment. to bent/broken shafts that disguise good alignment. to bizarre head designs that confuse good alignment. Quantum does none of that and that makes it the better golf putter.