It's time! 

​​As soon as you bag the the new symmetric technology Quantum Golf Putter, you will begin to enjoy a quantum improvement in your golf putting performance -- so it's time!  

Quantum Assurances

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New Symmetric Technology Golf Putter -- A QUANTUM IMPROVEMENT!

Here is how the $200 Trade-in Works

You pay only $295 with your order, then we promptly custom make your new symmetric technology Quantum Golf Putter and ship it to you free of charge no matter where you are located. Then one month later, we will bill you for the $200 balance due, and at that time you can either pay that balance and keep your old putter or you can ship it to us as a trade-in payment in full -- we would love to toss your old design defective putters into our trash-heap!  

Quantum Pride

Let's face it -- spending time on a beautiful golf course feels good. Why? Because, for at least while you are there, you feel important enough to envy. But when you stroll onto the green with a ridiculous golf putter, all that goes away in a poof. Even if you eventually sink a putt with a putter that belongs in the trash-heap of defective design, all anyone remembers is that you lack a fundamental understanding of golf putter technology. On the other hand, when you walk onto the green with your new technology Quantum Golf Putter, everybody sees that you are smart enough to use the best tool for the job -- that is something you can be proud of, even when you miss the putt..  


We pay the required sales tax on all domestic orders. However, clients outside of the USA are advised that various other nations may assess various import taxation on various merchandise. Such import taxation will need to be paid for the release the shipment through customs -- we have nothing to do with this. 



PutterGeek here again, now to welcome you to our ever growing family of satisfied Quantum Golf Putter Clients. We love you and you will love our Quantum Golf Putter.


Quantum Improvement Expectation​...

Varies from golfer to golfer, but typically you can expect to shave about 20% off your average number of putts per round, and that will drop your handicap significantly. If you are a tournament player, you can expect to improve your G$G by about 20% and that will make a huge improvement to your FedExCup Standing.

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Quantum Price
Let's face this too -- golfers like to pay high prices. Maybe you think that is ridiculous, but let me ask you this: why do golfers want to pay $495 for a Scotty Cameron Golf Putter and even more for a PXG, when they could get the same golf putter from Walmart for 1/10th the price? Why do golfers drive their wife's BMW to the golf course instead of their own F-150 pickup? And why does every golfer dream of playing Pebble Beach, the most expensive golf course in America? The answer is "bragging rights".  Status-seeking golfers cannot brag about having a PineMeadow putter in their bag, but they can brag about having a high-priced putter others might envy; Far be it from us to deprive golfers of bragging rights, so we have set the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of our new technology Quantum Golf Putter on parity with the prestigious-overpriced putters -- US$495.  But honestly we feel that price point is unreasonably high; so, if you purchase your new Quantum Golf Putter directly from us right now, we will rebate $200 for trading-in your old putter, thus bringing the actual out-of-pocked cost of your new Quantum Golf Putter down to only...