Quantum Golf Putters

Old technology golf putters do not preserve your intended touch and line. Instead because of sharp leading edges they all to often bite the nap of the green and severely lessen your intended touch; and because their sole is smooth instead of treaded, they do nothing to aid you in staying on your intended line. Mallets are even worse at all this because they have more sole area and all to often have odd shapes with openings and wings that increase leading edge even more, and a front to back dimension that requires flattening your stroke in order to prevent trailing edge lunge. None of this is good. 

But the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter suffern none of this. Its leading edge is minimized down to less than a half inch and that is rounded over to prevent any green bite whatsoever. And the front-to-back dimension is minimized to about a half inch so there is no trailing edge lunge either. All this is made possible by its patented Glider which functions like tread on tires, keeping you on your intended line automatically as the putter head glides easily over the green with minimal friction.  All of this is good for precision putting!. 

I will never change your intended line!

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New Technology Golf Putter Holds Intended Line

As the golfer, you decide the desired movement of the ball, not your putter - your putter is suppose to hold your intended line and not undermine it.

) and Line (ball direction) on every putt, and your trusty putter is supposed to carry out your intentions. But can you trust your putter to do that for you? Not if it is an old asymmetric Blade or Mallet which undermines your touch and line in every way. But if it is the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter then you can trust that it will carry out your intentions perfectly, and that is a great benefit for your golf putting performance -- you may still miss the putt, but your putter will not be the cause.