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‚ÄčEvery golfer knows that the shorter field irons launch the ball higher and with more backspin, than do the longer irons -- the reason is that the loft angle on the impact face. The more loft angle, the greater is the launch loft and backspin. Putters need to roll the ball instead of lofting it, so it stands to reason what needs correcting -- Ball Launch Backspin and Loft..


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Ball Bounce & Backspin are two Launch Problems with a One Solution, so let's discuss them both together, Every golfer seems to know that field clubs with greater loft launch the ball higher and with more backspin, but that seems to be lost knowledge when it comes to the putter,  Short Irons (#9,8,7) have loft angles in the 40 degree range, Medium Irons  (#6,5,4) have loft in the 30 degree range, and Long Irons (#3,2,1) are in the 20 degree range. Woods are in the 10 degree range, All the field clubs. irons and woods included, need loft to launch the ball up into the air so as to achieve desired distance. But on the green achieving distance with an airborne loft is not the objective; instead putting precision is. The conventional wisdom is that on the green the ball should be launched with no loft and no backspin; yet golfers have somehow become convinced that putters should have a loft angle in the 5 degree range -- go figure!  Isn't it obvious that if you want putting that has no bounce and no backspin, the putter should have zero loft?  Putters on the market today, both blades and mallets. have loft angles in the 5 degree range which means they always launch the ball with problematic bounce and backspin. One golf putter embodies zero loft on the impact face, so it launches the ball with zero bounce and zero backspin -- the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. 

Launch Benefits

  31.  Eliminating Backspin helps 

  32.  Eliminating Bounce helps