Some other golf putter designers machine grooves into the impact surface, thinking that these groves somehow improve impact. Or more likely they just cannot resist the temptation to decorate their putters in this way. But scientific testing results that were presented at the Fifth World Scientific Congress on Golf that showed grooving on the impact surface of a putter had no beneficial effect on putting performance. Our even more rigorous laboratory testing showed that putting grooves were actually detrimental to putting performance and here is how: Ultra slow motion photography showed us that the grooves actually bite slightly into the relatively soft surface of the ball during the dwell of impact, and this bite actually increases launch skid, This isn't a big adverse effect to be sure, but it gives us good enough reason not to put groves on our QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER impact surface.

Vertical grooves are even more problematic. When there is a vertical component to the grooving, that has an adverse effect on ball launch, especially on short putts. Deep vertical grooving interacts with the dimples on golf ball, especially on very low impact putts (short putts), sending the ball off your intended line, sometimes more and sometimes less. This uncertainty is small, but it is still detrimental to precision putting. The solution to this problem is simply not to groove the impact surface in any way. The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER is not grooved in any way so its impact is perfect on every putt. This is the 31ST of 48 reason why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.  .


When the putter head twists upon impact, the ball is launched off intended line with adverse sidespin - none of this is good for precision putting. Typical Blades and Mallets lack Polar Symmetry, so they always twist open upon impact; that makes them unsuitable for precision putting, The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER embodies Polar Symmetry so it never suffers Impact Twist. It is the 29TH of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter



Some other golf putter designers embody impact pads, hoping to make their putters feel better at impact. Their unstated idea is that padding disguises annoying shaft vibration caused by they don't seem to know what. But the cause of shaft vibration would be better eliminated than disguised, and that could be done with a straight sturdy shaft and perfect shaft vectoring -- Polar Symmetry. Impact pads dampen putting touch by absorbing impact power, and that causes putts to fall short of the cup. So more power is needed, but the amount of additional power needed varies with putt length. Constantly adjusting for this variable becomes very problematic, and is likely the cause of the dreaded putting "Yips".

All this makes putting more complicated than it really needs to be. We at Quantum believe in keeping things as simple as can be, so we have eliminated problematic impact pads entirely. With your new QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER, you can always rely upon on the constant power of your putter, and never have to worry about adjusting for the power loss of pads. This is the 29TH of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.

But that is not the worst of the pad problem. The impact pad is soft and absorbs some of the putter head momentum upon impact, thus reducing the amount of momentum that is transferred to the ball. But all too often the ball is actually impacted by the hard surface at the margin of the soft power absorbing pad. When that happens, momentum is not reduced but instead is actually increased . So a golfer using a padded putter doesn't know from one putt to the next whether the putt will go longer or shorter than expected. That is not good for precision putting. The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER is designed with a smooth hard impact surface which gives full reliable transfer of momentum from putter head to ball at impact on every putt. It is the 30TH of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.


Perfect Impact is a Requirement for Precision Putting

One golf putter is four ways better than typical Blades and Mallets for Perfect Impact, the QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER.

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Actually annoying impact vibration happens after impact, so it has no detrimental effect on launch. But it is annoying and that constantly recurring annoyance eventually has a bad effect on your putting performance.  Typical Blades and Mallets lack Polar Symmetry, so they always vibrate upon impact, and that makes them  unsuitable for precision putting. The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER embodies Polar Symmetry so it never suffers Impact Vibration. This is the 32ND of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.