Testing for Impact Twist

Testing your golf putter for impact twist is easy. Just hold the putter loosely with one hand and then tap the location on the impact surface with a finger of your other hand. If the tapping results in any movement of the putter head, then your putter will suffer impact twist on every putt. Such a design-defective golf putter is bad for precision putting and should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design and replaced with a good gollf putter before your next round of golf.

​Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters | IMPACT  

One golf putter eliminates putter impact twist and that is a requirement for precision putting. Other golf putters including Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets suffer polar asymmetry and always twist upon impact. 

Perfect Impact is a requirement for Precision Putting, and it comes as a result of Polar Symmetry. Polar Symmetry is a principle of physics that applies to every impacting tool and a golf putter is an impacting tool/ Other golf putters lack this and that makes them bad for precision putting, one golf putter embodies this requirement and that makes it best -- QED.

Our impact will be strong and sure!

Golf Putter IMPACT TWIST Comparison

QED Putter wins BEST IMPACT because its perfect polar symmetry eliminates detremental impact twist entirely. Other golf putters fail miserably at this.

Best Golf Putter eliminates Impact Twist

When the putter head twists upon impact, the ball is launched off intended line with adverse side-spin - none of this is good for precision putting. Old technology Ping style blades and Odyssey style mallets always twist open upon impact because they lack required polar symmetry; that makes them unsuitable for precision putting,  Explaining the principle of impact twist by physics is difficult, but it is easy to comprehend by analogy -- would you ever play tennis with a racquet that looked like this? .