Have we Perfected Golf Putters Putting? 

​Yep! We have considered all aspects of golf putter design including Head, Shaft, Grip; and we have corrected every conceivable design defect in the old technology golf putters.  In so doing we have solved every conceivable problem that hinders your golf putting setup, stroke, glide, impact and launch. It is all embodied in the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. and it is ready and waiting to be put into your golf bag. 


Golf Putters Putting | Solving Setup Problems

​​When your putting setup is misaligned, you have no hope that your golf putter will carry out your line and touch intentions and sink the putt. That makes this putting problem the first one that needs to be solved.  There are two alignment vectors to consider -- the "Down-Line" vector which is established by your putting judgment, and the "Putter Head Alignment" vector which is established by your putter's alignment aid...  Details & Comparison  


Golf Putters Putting | Solving Impact Problems

As the impact face of a golf putter makes contact with the ball, momentum from the putter is transferred to the ball and that causes it to be launched toward the cup. But a few things can happen at the instant of impact that can hinder intended launch including: 1)  Impact Twist, 2) Touch Loss, and 3) Touch Uncertainty. Each has a cause and a cure,,, Details & Comparison 


Golf Putters Putting | Solving Launch Problems

Every golfer knows that the shorter field irons launch the ball higher and with more backspin, than do the longer irons -- the reason is of course the loft angle on the impact face. It is the also the conventional wisdom among golfers that on the green the ball should be launched with roll instead of bounce and backspin. So how can a bouncy backspin launch be prevented? Details & Comparison 

Golf Putters Putting | Solving Glide Problems

As the sole of the putter glides across the surface of the green, several things can happen which will hinder your golf putting performance including: 1) Leading Edge Bite, 2) Excessive Frictional Drag, 3) Trailing Edge Lunge, and 4) Drift Off Intended Line.  Each has a cause and a cure; and when all are cured, you will make a quantum improvement... Details & Comparison

Golf Putters Putting | Solving Head Problems 

​The head is the business end of the golf putter and it carries out your line and touch intentions as transmitted to it by the shaft and grip. Assuming that shaft and grip problems have been solved, now it is time to address old technology head problems and there are many.  Details & Comparison

Golf Putters Putting | Solving Shaft Problems 

​The shaft connects the golfer's grip to the putter and transmits line and touch intentions down to the head. Any problems the shaft might introduce into the mix, should be discovered and solved so as to improve precision putting; and any benefits the shaft can bring to the mix should also be included. Details & Comparison

Will a Perfected Golf Putter Sink Every Putt? 

​No of course not! But solving all the problems and correcting all the design defects will obviously improve golf putting performance,  You will still in charge of deciding line and touch, and of course that is ultimately what sinks putts. However a perfected putter will helps you with that in many ways including improving your putting setup, stroke, glide, impact, and launch.

Golf Putters Putting | Solving Grip Problems

​While the golf putter head does the business of putting and the shaft/grip enables its movement, the GRIP connects the golfer to the putter. So any problems the grip might introduce into the mix, should be discovered and solved  as the first step in achieving improved putting. Details & Comparison

​​​Golf Putters Putting | Solving Stroke Problems

The putting stroke consists of three phases: 1) back-stroke, 2) power-stroke, and 3) follow-through. The movement of the putter as it passes through these phases, defines the "Plane of the Stroke". When the putter head laterally deviates from this plane, that is called "waver"; and when the putter head rotates with respect to the shaft as it moves along the plane of the stroke, that is called "wobble".. Both are detrimental to putting performance. Details & Comparison


Golf Putters Putting
Putting is the most important part of the game of golf, and the putter is the most important club in your bag. This is why we find golf golf putters and putting so interesting.  Thank you for visiting!  We have many golf putter putting problems to solve, so let's get at it. 

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