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Not only does the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter have Best Putter Form and Best Putting Function, it also gives you the Best Golfing Improvement


 Golf Putter Worthiness

​The Golf Putter is the most important club in your bag, and it should be the most worthy. Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters are Most Worthy in all Six Worthiness Ways. Old technology asymmetric Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets fall way short on Golf Putter Worthiness. DETAILS

Golf Putter FItting

Feeling good is a requirement for precision putting. When your golf putter fits good, you feel good, and that will make a quantum improvement in your golf putting performance. The new Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is custom made to your specification of Grip Size, Shaft Length, and Head Lie. FITTING HELP HERE 

Golf Putter Ambidexterity

Left-ies often get short-shifted when it comes to golf clubs. Not so with new Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. It is AMBIDEXTROUS so it works for right or left-handed golfers using either a fore or back-handed stroke;

Golf Putter Comparison

​There are three kinds of golf putters on the market today: Old Technology Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets, and the New Technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. HERE we summarize the objective evaluation of the 36 form/function factors common to every golf putter. 


Best Golf Putter | GRIP

Quantum Golf Putters
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Best Golfing Improvement

Every golfer, whether a top tour pro, or struggling duffer, has one thing in common -- all want to enjoy a quantum improvement in their golfing performance. 

Golf Putter Value

Price is what you pay for a product; value is what you get for your money. With the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, you get the most value for the PRICE you pay.