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Predictable Ball Launch is a Requirement for Precision Putting

One golf putter is three ways better than typical Blades and Mallets for Predictable Ball Launch, the QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER.

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All golfers know with fairway clubs that the greater the loft angle the higher the launch and the greater the backspin, So why does this knowledge not carry over to putters? Odd to say the least!  But if your mind is open, you must conclude that what happens to the ball launched off of a putter is the governed by the same principles of physics as a boll launched off a field club. A lofted launch will always send the ball up into the air with backspin. While that might be what you want out on the fairway, it is definitely not what you want on the green. Typical Blades and Mallets embody loft, sometimes up to six or seven degrees. but the QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER has zero loft and zero backspin. Eliminating bounce and backspin are the 33RD and 34TH of 48 reasons why Quantum the Best Golf Putter.


Quantum Golf Putter gives you what you want on the Green: No loft, no backspin, and immediate forward roll; No impact twist, no off-line launch, and no side-spin.. Other golf putters diminish your intended touch and intended line. None of this is good for precision putting. The QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER, suffers none of this but instead preserves your intended touch and line so you have reliable putting power on every putt. This is the 35TH of 48 reasons why Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.