Other golf putters launch the ball with detrimental backspin/bounce, dampen putting power with pads, and veer the ball with side-spin causes by grooves and lack of polar symmetry. One golf putter suffers none of this and hat makes it superior to the rest.

Quantum Golf Putter 

Best Golf Putter Eliminates Launch Bounce and Backspin​

Seeing is Believing, so please click the video and see the perfect zero bounce/zero backspin launch of the Quantum Golf Putter. Other golf putters embody lofted impact faces and that loft always causes the ball to be launched with detrimental bounce and backspin -- not good for precision putting. 

Best Golf Putter Preserves Power​

Your golf putter should deliver your putting intentions to the ball, yet other golf putters do not do that for you. Many dampen your intended power with problematic pads, many send your ball off-intended line with problematic grooves, and many twist open on impact and send the ball off line with adverse side spin, and others suffer leading edge bite or trailing edge bounce or excessive glide friction. One golf putter suffers none of that -- Quantum Golf Putter -- and that makes it clearly superior to the rest. 

Best Golf Putter has Best Launch