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As soon as you put a Quantum Putter in your bag, you will experience a quantum improvement in your golf game - you have my word on it,

Duane Engdahl

IMMEDIATE ROLL | What you want on the Green

Quantum Golf Putter gives you what you want on the Green - immediate topspin roll. Other golf putters don't and that is why they are inferior to Quantum, 

Golf Balls are supposed to roll on the green, not suffer a lofted launch with adverse back-spin. Other golf putters embody loft angles on the impact surface usually of about four or five degrees and sometimes as much as seven or eight degrees, Any golfer knows the more loft the more backspin. Quantum embodies zero loft so the ball stays on the green where it belongs and there is absolutely no detrimental backspin imparted upon the ball -- this makes Quantum Best.

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NO LOFT |  Keeps the Ball on the Green

A lofted backspin launch is good for your short irons and sand wedge, but it is not good for your putter. Instead, your putter should launch the ball with no loft and true roll. ​Physics scares a lot of people, but it is really no more than than the rigorous explanation of common sense. Let' make it easy. 

When a putter face has a positive loft angle (as do most other putters these days), then it will always launch the ball with loft; and the greater the loft angle of the putter, the greater will be the lofted launch of the ball. You see, it s nothing more than common sense. ​​It doesn't take a degree in physics to conclude that a zero loft putter will launch the ball with zero loft. And it is also easy to conclude that a putter which has a positive loft angle of say 4 to 6 degrees (which is typical of other putters nowadays) will launch the ball with about 3 to 5 degrees of loft. So if we can all agree that a lofted launch is bad for precision putting, then it makes common sense that we golfers should avoid golf putters that have anything more than a zero loft angle on their impact face.

NO BACKSPIN | Detrimental a Rolling Launch

Any golfer can tell you from experience that with field irons, the greater the loft the greater will be the backspin imparted upon the ball at impact. The physics of this requires an understanding of the mathematics of vector analysis, but let's not bother ourselves with that; let's instead use our common sense. Common sense tells us that what is true for field irons is true for putters. The greater the loft angle, the greater the loft and the more backspin is imparted upon the ball. If we can agree that lofted backspin is detrimental in putting then we must conclude that old technology golf putters having loft angle on the impact surface are detrimental to precision putting.