Quantum Golf Putter wins most Compact Head

A compact uni-body putter head is made from a single block of material and has no troublesome attachments. Over time, attached parts tend to loosen or even detach and who wants that? Unnecessary and troublesome marketing flair like wings, openings, pads, or weights cause trouble; if not at first then most certainly over time, One golf putter is all business and embodies no unnecessary flair and it wins Most Compact Golf Putter Head -- Quantum Golf Putter.

Quantum Golf Putter wins most Durable Head

Purists would argue that Brass is best for a golf putter head, and honestly we thought so too at first. It has a high atomic weight and is a metal that gives a mellow impact feel. But brass is soft and it tarnishes, so it does not pass durability.  Aluminum is more durable than brass but it does not have sufficient atomic weight to provide a smooth putting stroke. A good compromise is stainless steel because it has almost as high atomic weight as brass, and it has more durability than aluminum. One golf putter is milled entirely out of a block of high grade stainless steel and then made even more durable with black ion plating. So it is not only durable and massive but also beautiful. It wins the durable head comparison - Quantum Golf Putter.

Quantum Golf Putter wins Elegant Black Head

Some golf putter designers are more interested in creating putters for market interest than for putting performance. As a result we see golf putter designs that look like the patrons of the Star Wars Tavern. These ridiculous putter designs are not only silly, they are detrimental to your putting performance. One golf putter wins this evaluation category because it is all business and no silliness -- Quantum Golf Putter. 

Quantum Golf Putter wins most Massive Head

Scientific research shows that a heavy head is beneficial for putting stroke momentum; not so much a heavy shaft or heavy grip. Momentum is known by physicists as the quantity of motion of a moving body, and it is measured by the product of mass and velocity. The velocity of a putting stroke is very slow, so good momentum must be achieved with greater head mass. Golfers know it as heavy head, and it is heavy head that achieves smooth sire putting stroke. One golf putter has heaviest head, weighing in at over 600 grams, so it achieves a very smooth sure stroke and wins most heavy head -- Quantum Golf Putter.


Quantum Golf Putter wins Fitted Head

Golfers vary in height and also in putting stance, so it is important that the Head Lie angle be custom fitted.  Other golf putter makers rely on bending the shaft to correct for their head-fitting-shortcoming. Of course bending the shaft brings another whole set of problems, so it is the last thing that should ever be done. One golf putter wins this comparison category by offering its clients customized head lie fitting -- Quantum Golf Putter.

Quantum Golf Putter wins most Symmetrical Head

A symmetrical head is a requirement for Polar Symmetry. Polar Symmetry enables Sweet Impact. And sweet impact is what every golfer wants when putting on the green. Astounding as it may seem, there is only one golf putter on the market today that embodies a Symmetrical head, so it wins this comparison category -- Quantum Golf Putter

Quantum Golf Putter Wins Best Head!


 The Golf Putter Head is the business end of your golf putter and it should be all business. A superior head is critically important for golf putting performance and one golf putter is six ways better in head than other golf putters -- Quantum Golf Putter


The question is, "Which Golf Putter has the best head? The answer is that there is only one golf putter that unanimously wins Best Golf Putter Head Comparison -- Quantum Golf Putter