Fitted Head -- Golfers vary in height and also in putting stance, so it is important that the Head Lie angle be custom fitted.  Old technology golf putter makers often rely upon bending the shaft to correct for their head-fitting-shortcoming. Of course bending the shaft brings along with it another whole set of problems, so it is the last thing that should ever be done. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is custom made at the head lie angle specified by its user, and that is another way it is best. 

Golf Putter MOMENTUM

Momentum is known by physicists as the quantity of motion of a moving body, and it is measured by the product of mass (head weight) and velocity (swing speed). The much of the quantity of motion (momentum) of the golf putter head, is transferred to the ball upon impact and the rest is spend in dwell (next topic), glide friction. and the stroke follow-through. 

The golf putter is very much unlike drivers and field clubs, Golf putter momentum is generated mostly by head mass, and not so much by stroke speed. Momentum is a function of Mass (head weight) and Velocity (stroke speed); but putting stroke speed is very slow, so in golf putting, momentum must be generated mostly with head weight and not with stroke speed. This is what makes a golf putter much different than other golf clubs. Field clubs and especially drivers generate their momentum mostly with swing speed, and not so much with head weight. That is why field clubs have light-weight heads, and putters need heavy-weight heads.

The head weight of the QED Golf Putter is great (about 600 grams), so it generates great momentum even on the shortest of putts which require the slowest of stroke speeds. Other old technology golf putters, especially the blades which suffer problematic momentum -- their light-weight heads require excessive stroke speed to generate enough momentum to cover the distance on long putts; and also excessive stroke speed for good control required on short putts. Old technology mallet style putter suffer this less, but are still too light in the head for precision putting.

You will love the way I look and feel! 


Compact Head -- A compact uni-body putter head is made from a single block of material and has no troublesome attachments. Over time, attached parts tend to loosen or even detach and who wants that? Unnecessary marketing flair like wings, openings, pads, or weights cause trouble; if not at first then most certainly over time. A treaded sole is also very beneficial in hold intended line. Old technology Ping style blades and especially Odyssey style mallets suffer this, but not the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, and is another way Quantum is best.

Grooved Dwell --  When a grooved surface of a putter impacts the somewhat soft surface of the ball, there is a "bite" during dwell that prevents the ball from beginning its roll -- in other words it increases ball launch skid. This is not good, but it is not a big problem either. But it becomes a big problem especially on short putts when there is a vertical component to the grooving -- in that case, the vertical component interacts with the dimples on ball and unexpectedly effects the intended launch, That is detrimental to precision putting especially on very short putts. See sidebar for example of a golf putter with such grooving.

Symmetrical Head -- A symmetrical head is a requirement for Polar Symmetry and polar symmetry enables Sweet Impact. and sweet impact is what every golfer wants when putting on the green. Astounding as it may seem, there is only one golf putter on the market today that capable of all that -- the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Golf Putter HEAD Comparison

QED Putter wins Best Head because of good momentum transfer, minimized dwell, and superiority in several other ways

Durable Head -- Purists would argue that Brass is best for a golf putter head, and honestly we thought so too at first. It has a high atomic weight and is a metal that gives a mellow impact feel. But brass is soft and it tarnishes, so it does not pass durability.  Aluminum is more durable than brass but it does not have sufficient atomic weight to provide a smooth putting stroke. A good compromise is stainless steel because it has almost as high atomic weight as brass, and it has more durability than aluminum. One golf putter is milled entirely out of a block of high grade stainless steel and then made even more durable with black ion plating. So it is not only durable and massive but also beautiful -- Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

New Golf Putters | QUANTUM HEAD  

The Head of a Golf Putter sends the Ball to the Cup – so is it important that it have perfected design instead of defective design? Yes! 


Elegant Black/Silver Head -- Some golf putter designers are more interested in creating putters for market interest than for putting performance. As a result we see golf putter designs that look like the patrons of the Star Wars Tavern. These ridiculous putter designs are not only silly, they are detrimental to your putting performance. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is all business and no silliness, and that is another way it is best.​

Padded Dwell --  When a somewhat soft pad of a putter impacts the somewhat soft surface of the ball, there is a "stickiness" during dwell that prevents the ball from beginning its roll -- in other words it increases ball launch skid. This is not good, but it is not a big problem either. But what is a big problem is when the pad does not cover the entire impact face of the putter head (as shown in sidebar). In this case, momentum transfer is unpredictable - when the ball impact is at the upper or lower hard margin more momentum is transferred; when the ball impact is on the softer pad, less momentum is transferred -- that is not good for precision putting. ​

Golf Putter DWELL

A person might think that putter-ball impact is instantaneous, but it isn't. In our laboratory, we have observed ultra-slow motion video of golf putter-ball impact, and we discovered that impact exists for a short period of time; a period of time we call "DWELL". Impact dwell is minimal when a smooth solid surface of a putter head impacts the somewhat soft surface of the ball; and it becomes more when the impact surface of the putter is padded or grooved.

It is not our intention to make more of this than it really is. But our competitors tout pads and groves as being very beneficial when it is a fact of physics that they really are not. So even though they are minor design defect that barely has any affect on putting performance we feel compelled to address this marketing misconception. It is enough to say that the QED Golf Putter has a perfectly smooth and hard impact surface which virtually eliminates detrimental dwell.


The business end of a golf putter is the head, and its purpose is to transfer momentum to the ball and send it down your intended line with your intended touch. A perfected head will transfer momentum without dwell or deflection; a defectively designed head will always adversely effect your sure stroke, your good glide, your perfect impact and your true launch. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter Head is perfected while old technology Ping Style Blade and Odyssey Style Mallet Putters are all Head Defective. .