12.  Ambidextrous or Not

A small percentage of golfers are left-handed and they are pretty much ignored by the golf putter makers; Not so with Quantum because this new technology golf putter is ambidextrous; in other words it can work either left- or right-handed, and be stroked either back- or fore-handed.  This flexibility is not only good for lefties, but good for everyone whenever the ball possession calls for a back-handed stroke.  A golf putter that works all the time for everyone is better than a golf putter that works some of the time for some and none of the time for others.   


Head Features

   12.  Either Ambidextrous or Not

   13.  Either Sufficiently Massive or Not

   14.  Either Compact & Symmetrical or Not

   15.  Either Elegant or Cluttered 

   16,  Either Custom Fitted or "Off-the-Shelf"

   17.  Either has Glide Treading or Not

​   18,  Either has Intuitive Alignment or Not

16.  Custom Fitted or "Off-the-Shelf"

Most old technology blade and mallet golf putters are made with a head lie angle of about 70 degrees which quite flat and encourages a "barn-door" stroke. The USGA rules prohibit golf putters from having head lie of more than 80 degrees upright, however the more upright a putter head lie is, the more "pendulum-like" the putting stroke will be, The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has a glider which curves slightly to accommodate stroking ranging from 70 degrees flat up to 80 degrees upright so it is useful in any event. Not so with old technology golf putters which have lie angles that are shown to almost always be too flat.


Golf Putter Putting Grip Slipperiness

17.  Glide Treading or Not

The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter embodies a proprietary glider which provides good glide over the green by eliminating dreaded bite, drag, lunge (more on this HERE),  Old technology blade and mallet putters do nothing to eliminate this, and in fact actually embody features that cause it; not so with the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, which embodies the patented glider which fixes all these problems.  

Golf Putters Putting | Alignment Aid
Put New Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter in your bag.

Head Evaluation Details

The head is the business end of the golf putter and it carries out your line and touch intentions as transmitted to it by you through your grip and the shaft. So to develop a superior golf putter, we need to fix defects not only in the shaft and grip, but most importantly in the head. 



18,  Intuitive Alignment or Not

The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter embodies unique intuitive alignment which makes sure that the putter head is aligned perpendicular with your intended line at setup; and since it is intuitive it works every time automatically and without any extra effort (more on this HERE). This is another way the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior to old technology blade and mallet golf putters. 


13.  Massive or Not
Compact & Symmetrical or Not

Polar Symmetry is a requirement for good golf putter design because it eliminates stroke wobble, impact twist, unreliable launch, and annoying impact vibration -- plus it just makes the putter feel good. A straight shaft that vectors precisely into the center of gravity of the putter head is a requirement (click HERE for more on this).  Furthermore, a golf putter head that is compact and dense (heavy for its size and shape) because that eliminates stroke waver, glide bite/drag/lunge, impact momentum transfer, and reliable launch. Old technology blades suffer asymmetry and are far from compact, but the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter suffers non of this and that makes it superior. 

Golf Putters Putting | Head Glider

15.  Elegant or Cluttered 

The new technology Quantum Golf Putter is elegant and calming, not cluttered and distracting. Old technology putters, especially mallets provide a large canvas for putter designers to display their unbridled creativity, and that results in distractive clutter -- something you do not need when trying to concentrate on sinking a putt. 

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