LINEAR SYMMETRY | Always Feels the Same

Field clubs require tapered grips because of high swing speed -- without tapering, we’d see field clubs flying all over the golf course. But the putting stroke is slow and deliberate. But there is no risk that a putter will fly out of a golfers hands. So there is no need to taper a putter grip. In fact tapering is detrimental to precision putting and here is why. Golf greens are always sloped and often quite steeply – that’s what makes putting the most challenging part of the game of golf. Sometimes you need to set your stance on the high side of a slope, other times on the low side. When on the high side, you will need to grasp higher on the grip in order to reach the ball. When on the low side you will need to grasp lower. Only on the level will your grasp on the putter be normal, and level is rare on a golf green. When the putter grip is tapered or oddly shaped, the feel of the putter changes from one putt to another.  This constant change is detrimental to putting performance, and is likely to cause the dreaded putting yips. But when the putter grip is Linearly Symmetrical as it is with the Quantum Golf Putter that is beneficial to putting performance.

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IMPERVIOUS GRIP | Wet or Dry, it is always Ready

Other clubs spend most of their time high and dry in the golf bag, but not the putter. It is out there most of the time getting wet and wetter, slippery and soggier. Soggy/slippery grips are detrimental to putting performance. Your putter is used almost as much as all the rest of the clubs put together, so when it becomes soggy and slippery it never has a chance to dry out. The Quantum Golf Putter Grip is impervious to moisture and never gets soggy and slippery even when it is soaking wet. Actually it could be dunked in a bucket of water and then used immediately without drying it off. Even then, its effectiveness is as good as when completely dry. Other golf putter grips that are not very good even when dry, and they get worse when wet, That makes the Quantum Golf Putter Grip Best.

Linearly Asymmetric Grips

shown above (top one is a tapered grip and bottom is a pistol grip) are detrimental to putting performance.

FITTED GRIP | Putter Grips should Fit Hand Sizes

Hands come in different sizes so putter grips should come in different sizes. Quantum Clients specify hand size when they order their putter, so they have the benefit of a comfortable fitting putter grip. Another reason why Quantum Golf Putters are superior. ​

Objective Comparison shows Quantum Golf Putter Grip is better because it is Tactile, Impervious to moisture, both Laterally and Linearly Symmetrical, and Basic Black. Other golf putters have slippery asymmetrical grips that become soggy when wet, and are colored to attract attention. Quantum Golf Putter Grip is better in every aspect and that is another reason why Quantum is Best Golf Putter.

LATERAL SYMMETRY | Control your own Aim

Oddly shaped grips force an alignment which is most often wrong -- much better when the golfer is in charge of alignment, not the putter's grip. ​For a long time it has been the trend to make putter grips with a flat side; so long in fact that nobody can remember why this trend started in the first place. Some say that it’s an aid to alignment but when you give some thought to that idea, it is easy to conclude that’s nonsense. A putter maker has no clue as to how you hold your putter, nor has he any clue as to where would be the best place to put that flat side. Obviously it should be the golfer who decides how he wants to hold his putter; not the putter maker much less the putter itself. Lately, it has become a trend to make grips with oblong cross-sections or even rectangular cross-sections, all for the same misguided reasoning. The Quantum Golf Putter Grip is laterally symmetrical. This enables you to decide for yourself how you want to hold your putter, and that puts you in control. Another reason why Quantum Golf Putter is best.

TACTILE GRIP | Fights Fatigue

Fatigue is the enemy of performance. Comfortable tactile golf putter grips feel good and minimize fatigue and frustration. Look carefully at the close-up of the Quantum Golf Putter Grip and you will see the surface is covered with tiny protruding knobs. These tiny knobs push gently into the skin of your hand as you grasp the putter grip and that enable you to have a firm hold on the grip without needing to apply excessive pressure. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but after a long day of golfing it becomes very beneficial because it lessens fatigue. When you first hold a tactile grip, you will notice how good it feels -- it feels secure and comfortable.  without excessive grasping effort.Other golf putters lack the benefit of a tactile golf putter grip, but not Quantum and that makes the Quantum Golf Putter Grip the Best.  

BLACK GRIP | Look your Best on the Green

Do you know why the best selling brands of put flashy brightly colored grips on their golf putters? Answer: They want to attract your attention to their product in the putting corral of the retail store where they are sold, and they couldn't care less how you look out on the green. But gaudy putter grips out in the peace and quiet of the golf green seem oddly out of place. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good on the green, your putting performance is better. You will look better on the green with a conservative putter instead of a silly putter with a gaudy grip. So a basic black grip, while not as flashy is in the end better. The classic conservative black grip on the Quantum Golf Putter looks good with the black shaft and black head, and it won't look silly with anything you might be wearing out on the green. Looking good is important, and even though it cannot be explained, looking good out on the putting green benefits your putting performance. 

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Duane Engdahl