​​New Symmetric Technology by Quantum makes Old Style Blade and Mallet Golf Putters Obsolete. 




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Best Golf Putters Putting have FITTED GRIP

Hands come in all sizes; ladies and youth usually smaller, and men usually vary from medium to large. A factory installed "one-size-fits-all" kind of putter grip is unlikely to fit your hand size and when it doesn't fit that is bad for your putting performance. Some even promote a oversized grip as being somehow beneficial, but that is simply ridiculous. Each Quantum Clients specifies the grip size that is comfortable and that is as it should be. Other putter makers offer no such benefit and that is another way the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is best.


Best Golf Putters Putting have LINEARLY SYMMETRICAL GRIP

Field clubs require tapered grips because of high swing speed (without tapered grips we’d see field clubs flying all over the golf course). But the putting stroke is slow and deliberate, so there is no need to taper a putter grip. In fact tapering is actually detrimental to precision putting and here is why: Greens are always sloped and often quite steeply. Sometimes you need to set your stance on the high side of a slope; other times on the low side. When on the high side, you need to grasp higher on the grip in order to reach the ball. When on the low side you will need to grasp lower. Only on the level will your grasp be normal, and level is rare on a golf green. When the putter grip is tapered or otherwise oddly shaped, the feel of the putter changes from one putt to another.  This constant change of feel is detrimental to putting performance, and is likely the cause of the dreaded putting "yips". But when the putter grip is Linearly Symmetrical, the putter always feels the same no matter where you grasp it. One golf putter embodies this beneficial feature and that makes it the best - Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

Best Golf Putters Putting have LATERALLY SYMMETRICAL GRIP

Other golf putters embody grips that are asymmetrical in cross-section; some are made with a flat side while others are made kind of like a pistol grip. The misguided thinking behind this is that this grip asymmetry might somehow help with putter alignment. Even if that was true -- and it isn't -- then how does the putter maker decide how to orient that asymmetric putter grip permanently on the shaft before you even buy it? The more you think about this, the more absurd it gets. Who in his right mind thinks that the putter should be put in charge of putting alignment -- that is the job of the golfer and any "help" in that regard the putter might give is actually a hinderance. Lateral Symmetry is an important feature that benefits golf putting performance, and one golf putter has it while other golf putters lack it -- the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Best Golf Putter | GRIP

Best Golf Putters Putting have IMPERVIOUS GRIP

Field clubs spend most of their time high and dry in the golf bag, but not the putter. It is in use most of the time and during hot humid weather its grip tends to get soggy and slippery. One golf putter is impervious to moisture; actually it could be dunked in a bucket of water and then used immediately without even drying it of. Even then its effectiveness is as good as when completely dry. Not so with other golf putter grips that get soggy and slippery even just from sweaty hands and high humidity. One golf putter has this important benefit while others lack it -- the Quantum Symmetrical Golf Putter.  


Six Golf Putter GRIP Features

All Golf Putter GRIPS embody the same 6 Features, but each embodiment can either help or hinder golf putting performance. The New Technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter GRIP embodies only the most beneficial features including: 1) Tactility of Grip Surface; 2) Imperviousness of  Grip to Moisture; 3) Lateral Symmetry of Grip; 4) Lineal Symmetry of Grip; 5) Fitting of  Grip to user’s hand size; and 6) Color of Grip (yes color has been shown to affect putting performance, believe it or not).

Best Golf Putters Putting have TACTILE GRIP

Fatigue is the enemy of performance. A comfortable tactile golf putter grip feels good and minimizes fatigue. Covered with tiny protruding knobs, it pushes gently into the skin of your hand as you grasp your putter and that enables you to have a firm hold without needing to exert excessive pressure. One golf putter has this golf putting performance benefit, while others lack it -- Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

Quantum Golf Putter has Tactile Grip

Best Golf Putting Performance starts with Best Golf Putter Grip. Quantum Grip is better than other putter grips including those on Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets.

Best Golf Putters Putting have BLACK GRIP

Do you know why other golf putter makers put flashy brightly colored grips on their golf putters? They want to attract your attention to their product in the putting corral of the retail store. But a gaudy putter grip out in the peace and quiet of the golf green seems oddly out of place; and most likely it also clashes with your golfing apparel.  Maybe you think that has no effect on your putting performance, but it does. ​When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, your putting performance is improved. You will look better on the green with a conservative basic black putter grip instead of a golf putter with a gaudy attention grabbing grip. Another reason why Quantum Symmetrical Golf Putter is the best golf putter.