NO BITE | Quantum Glider Eliminates Green Bite

There is nothing more embarrassing to a golfer than duffing the ball, especially on the green. ​When the leading edge of your putter is sharp, as it all too often is with other putters, you always have that worry about going too low on your stroke and duffing the putt. . 

It makes a person wonder why so many putter designers make their leading edges sharp when it would be just as easy to round them over so as to reduce or even eliminate this problem. The sad fact is that most putter designers are more interested in how their putters look than how they perform. Nowadays in our high-tech world, market oriented designers like sharp edges just because they look better, and they feel the more sharp edges the better. 

Actually from a performance standpoint, the fewer/less sharp edges the better. Typical blade putters can have about 4 inches of sharp leading edge; typical mallets with their ornamental openings and wings can have up to double that amount. Quantum has about 2 inches of leading edge, but since it is treaded the effective amount of leading edge is reduced by half down to only about 1 inch. Furthermore that small amount of leading edge is rounded over to eliminate sharpness. So unlike other putters, the Quantum Golf Putter suffers absolutely no glide bite - another way it is the best golf putter.


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HOLDS LINE | Quantum Glider Prevents Swipe Across Intended Line

When you first see a Quantum Golf Putter you will notice the glide groves on the sole. Like the tread on an automobile tire keeps it from from skidding out of its lane, the patented grooves on the sole of the Quantum Golf Putter keeps it from sliding across your intended line during the glide phase of your putting stroke. ​Of course sliding across intended line instead of holding intended line is a major cause of missed putts. The New Technology Quantum Golf Putter is unique among all other golf putters in that it has this patented protected glider embodiment which prevents such adverse sliding. Another way Quantum is the Best Golf Putter.

NO BOUNCE | Quantum Glider Eliminates Bounce


When the front to back dimension of the putter head is excessive, as it is with mallets, you must flatten your putting stroke in order not to suffer leading edge bite and trailing edge bounce. Trailing Edge Bounce is bad for precision putting because it causes the striking face of the putter to lunge upward at the worst possible moment - the instant of impact. Flattening a good pendulum stroke is in no way good for precision putting. It would be much better for your game to change to a putter that did not require flattening your putting stroke. A blade is better, but not good enough. .Mallets often have about 4 inches or even more of Front-to-Back dimension. Blades typically have about 1 inch of Front to Back dimension; Quantum with its patented glider has only about 1/2 inch, so it solves this problem entirely.

Unique to Quantum golf putters is its patented treaded sole. It benefits golf putting performance several ways: Holds Intended Line; Preserves Intended Touch; Prevents Swipe; Minimizes Drag; Eliminates Bounce; Eliminates Bite. Other golf putters do not have these benefits and that is why Quantum is Best.

Dreaded Leading Edge Bite is eliminated by the Quantum Glider

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As soon as you put a Quantum Putter in your bag, you will experience a quantum improvement in your golf game - you have my word on it,

Duane Engdahl

HOLDS TOUCH | Quantum Glider Reduces Drag

Excessive F-B dimension also causes excessive glide drag. It is a fact of physics that the greater the sole area of the putter that comes into contact with the green during the glide phase of the putting stroke, the greater will be the amount of glide drag. And because momentum is a function of mass, glide drag will have an adverse effect on light-headed putters more than massive ones. Most blade putters are light-headed and have about 4 square inches of sole that come into contact with the green during glide,. Mallet putters tend to have more mass but they also have more area that comes into contact with the green -- about four times more, and the greater the sole area, the greater the drag. The Quantum Golf Putter has minimized glide drag. The patented sole treading of the Quantum Golf Putter reduces the sole area of the putter down to not much more than about 1 square inch, and that is reduced in half by the grooving down to about 1/2 square inch. This is significantly less than any other putter. Quantum is 8 times better than most blades, and 32 times better than most mallets, when it comes solving the problem of glide drag! ​

Quantum Glider Assures Good Putting Glide

Dreaded Trailing Edge Bounce is Eliminated by Quantum Glider