Best Golf Putter has Better Putting Glide


Best Golf Putter Eliminates Trailing Edge Bounce​​

When the front to back dimension of the putter head is excessive, as it is with mallets, you must flatten your putting stroke in order not to suffer leading edge bite (discussed above) and trailing edge bounce. Trailing Edge Bounce is bad for precision putting because it causes the striking face of the putter to lunge upward at the worst possible moment - the instant of impact. The unique and patented glide groves embodied in Quantum Golf Putter not only solve the bite problem, they also solve the bounce problem, and the drag problem (discussed next). They minimize front-to-back dimension down to less than an inch; and this is in contrast to mallets which typically are in excess of four inches. 

Best Golf Putter Minimizes Sole Drag

Excessive front-to-back and excessive toe-to-heel dimension combine to make excessive putter sole area, When excessive sole area come into contact with the surface of the green during glide, excessive friction (drag) is generated. This of course slows stroke before impact and causes loss of touch. Loss of intended touch in turn causes the ball to fall short of the target, None of that is good! The unique grooves on the sole of the Quantum Golf Putter minimizes the area coming into contact with the surface of the green and that minimizes the drag problem.

Best Golf Putter Eliminates Leading Edge Bite

There is nothing more embarrassing to a golfer than duffing the ball, especially on the green with everybody watching. But even if you do not duff the ball, green bite will destroy touch and cause the ball to fall short of the cup. ​Dreaded green bite can be eliminated by rounding over the leading edge of the putter head and minimizing the length of leading edge. The Quantum Golf Putter has rounded over leading edge its unique sole grooving effectively minimizes leading edge length. Other golf putter designers like the high tech appearance of sharp edges and they make their putters larger than they need to be so as to catch your eye at the putting corral of the retail outlet. Not so with us where our priority is your good putting performance. 

Good Glide is a requirement for precision golf putting. One golf putter is five ways better than typical Blades and Mallets in good glide, so it wins Best Golf Putter Putting Glide Comparison Factor, the...

Quantum Golf Putter.

Best Golf Putter Preserves Putting Touch & Line

Not only does the Quantum Golf Putter do a better job of holding your intended touch by eliminating bite and bounce and minimizing drag, it also does a better job of holding your intended line. The unique glide groves hold your intended line by preventing any sliding across line during the glide phase of your putting stroke. It functions just like the treading of the tires on your car in preventing your car from skidding out of your lane. This is a big benefit for your putting performance. Quantum has it while other golf putters lack it.