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Glide Benefits​


  24.  Eliminating Bite helps

  25.  Minimizing Drag helps

  26.  Eliminating Lunge helps

  27.  Eliminating Drift helps


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Glide Evaluation Details

​As the sole of the putter glides across the surface of the green, several things can happen which will hinder your golf putting performance.  Each has a cause and a cure; and when all four are cured, you will make a quantum improvement in your golf putting performance.

Eliminating GLIDE BITE Helps

If you have ever duffed a putt, you experienced the extreme result of the Glide Bite Problem -- it is embarrassing and obviously devastating. But even a lesser result hinders putting performance because it adversely effects your intended putting touch and even your intended line. Touch is adversely effected because stroke momentum is unexpectedly diminished. And your intended line can also be adversely effected when bite is more on one end of the putter's striking face than on the other. The cause of glide bite is sharp leading edge, so the cure is obvious -- round-over and minimize leading edges. Many if not most of the putters on the market today embody sharp edges because designers believe that give a more high-tech appearance, and many mallets, especially those with odd wings and openings have excessive leading edges which makes matters worse, One golf putter embodies a patented glider virtually eliminates leading edge and that slight amount which remains is rounded over, so it suffers no bite problem whatsoever -- the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter


Minimizing GLIDE DRAG Helps

Glide Drag hinders putting performance because it adversely reduces stroke momentum and that causes your putts to fall short of the cup. Drag is friction and it increases with the area of the putter head sole that comes into contact with the green during glide -- the more sole area the more friction, and the greater is the glide drag problem. So now that we know the cause, the cure is obvious -- reduce the amount of sole area that comes into contact with the green during glide. Most blade style golf putters have a sole area of about 4 square inches. and many mallet style putters have a sole area of about 16 square inches or even more. One golf putter on the market today embodies a patented glider which reduces the sole area that comes into contact with the green down to fraction of a square inch, thus virtually eliminating the Drag Problem -- the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Eliminating GLIDE LUNGE Helps

When the front-to-back (F-B) dimension of a putter head is excessive, as it is with mallet putters, the putting stroke which is suppose to be a nice pendulum curve from the top of the back-stroke to the end of the follow-through, must be flattened during glide so as to prevent leading edge bite and trailing edge lunge -- that is unnatural so it is not good for precision putting (if not flattened, the trailing edge when it contacts the green will cause the leading edge to lunge upward at instant of ball impact thus destroying your touch and even your line). Mallets typically have a F-B dimension of about 3 or 4 inches or more, so they suffer the lunge problem much more than blades which typically have a F-B of about 1 inch.  There is one golf putter on the market today that embodies a patented glider which reduces effective F-B dimension down to about 1/2 inch, thus enabling a perfect pendulum stroke -- the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Eliminating GLIDE DRIFT Helps

Glide Drift hinders putting performance because it alters the way the putter impacts the ball and that in turn causes poor launch. Like the tread of vehicle tires keeps the vehicle from drifting out of its lane, a treaded sole could keep a putter aligned with a golfer's intended putting line. The Quantum Glider grooves make it impossible for the putter to depart your intended line during glide, and that is a huge benefit for precision putting. All other putters on the market today, have smooth soles which do nothing to prevent glide drift, only one putter does -- the  new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

What you need to know before we start this topic

Glide is one of the four aspects of putting (stroke, impact and launch are the other three) and it is in our opinion the most important for overall putting performance, Good glide requires good stroke momentum which is a function of mass, this so as to mitigate the detrimental effects of the four glide problems -- Bite, Drag, Lunge and Skid. But just mitigating the problem is not enough, we want to solve it entirely.  We have done that with our patented glider embodied in the sole of the Quantum Golf Putter, pictured in sidebar.