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New Quantum Golf Putters Putting | FUNCTION 

The Function of a Golf Putter is to put the ball in the hole -- the better it does at this the better it is. New Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters Function best at this and that makes the better than old technology Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets and all their copy-cats. Bad Function always follows Bad Form; Best Function always follows Best Form. .

Components of Golf Putter Function

There are six components of Golf Putter Function: Setup, Stroke, Glide, Impact, and Launch.  Each component included a number of performance advantages that come as a result of good form. Good Form makes for good function; bad form makes bad function. Old technology Ping style blades, and Odyssey style mallets have been objectively evaluated to have bad form, therefore it should surprise nobody that they also have bad function. The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has perfect form, therefore it has perfect function. 

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New Symmetric Golf Putter Technology