As soon as you put a Quantum Putter in your golf bag, you will enjoy a quantum improvement in your putting performance and that improvement will increase even more over time.


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This service includes customizing your new Quantum Golf Putter to your specified Fitting Factors (Grip Size, Shaft Length, Head Lie Angle). This service is paid with your order and is non-refundable. It covers the cost of the labor involved in customizing your personal golf putter.


The regular retail price of a Quantum Golf Putter is $195 which is competitive with other putters including Ping, Odyssey, and Taylormade. This competitive price pays our cost of manufacturing and gives us a reasonable profit which we can use to pay down our R&D investment. Included with your new custom made Quantum Golf Putter will be a Free Putter Cover and a Free Putting Assistant. We also give you the best possible purchase Assurances including Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee,  When your custom made Quantum Putter is ready to ship, we will invoice you for merchandise price plus cost of shipping. Upon receipt of that balance due, we will ship your new putter to you,   


We normally ship within the USA by USPS Priority Mail. To other locations worldwide, we normally ship by UPS. We charge flat rate shipping as follows: $20 to anywhere in continental USA, $30 to outlying US territories including AK and HI. $40 to our neighbors Mexico and Canada. $50 to other destinations worldwide.


We do not apply sales tax on domestic or foreign orders. However clients outside of the USA are advised that various other nations may assess various import taxation on various merchandise. Such import taxation will need to be paid for the release the shipment through customs -- we have nothing to do with this. 


We like to know where our business comes from because it helps us decide where to spend our very limited advertising budget. So if you fill in the optional Referral/Promo Code field of the order form, we will discount your Merchandise Price by 10% -- that saves you about $20 and that is enough to pay shipping to most destinations. It is easy -- just tell us who referred you to us; or if you did an internet search just tell us which search engine you used (Google, Yahoo, etc.); or if you were led to us by social media just tell us which platform you were on (Facebook, Twitter, etc,). 


We promise prompt delivery. You can expect that we will customize your new Quantum Golf Putter to your fitting specification within a week of confirming your order, and we will ship it to you withing one business day of receiving the payment balance due.


Welcome to our ever growing family of Quantum Clients.