Hands come in different sizes so Golf Putter Grips should come in different sizes too. Quantum Clients specify grip size when they get their new Quantum Golf Putter. This is a good idea because a comfortable sized grip is good for putting performance. 

Suggestion:  Go to the dowel rod department of your local hardware store. Pull out a 36” long dowel rod of each of the following diameters: 7/8", 8/8", and 9/8", Then in turn hold each as you would your putter. One will feel better than the other two - that is the size you should specify.


Golfers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall. some shorter. Some stand closer to the ball when putting, others farther away. Quantum Clients specify Shaft Length when they get their new Quantum Golf Putter. This is a good idea because a fitted golf putter length eliminates putting performance problems including dreaded duffing of the ball. 

Suggestion:  While you are at the hardware store use the dowel rod as a pretend putter to determine your grip size, now would be a good time to determine your proper shaft length. Swing the pretend putter to and fro to find your sure most stroke. Then make a light pencil mark on the dowel rod where the heel of your upper hand grasps the dowel rod, and then add an inch to that length to get the putter length you should specify. 


Some golfers stand close to the ball when putting, others farther away, Of course the closer you stand, the more upright your head lie angle needs to be, and the farther away, the more flat it needs to be, Quantum Clients specify the Head Lie Angle they need for their stance, either Flat, or Upright or Normal.  his is a good idea because it eliminates dreaded toe or heel bite during putting stroke glide.

Suggestion: If you want to employ a pendulum stroke, then you should place the ball about 6 inches away from yo​ur toes in your putting stance. When you take this kind of stance, then a 75 degree head lie angle is ideal no matter your physical stature. But there is always a reasonable allowance one way or the other. So we let you specify a head lie angle ranging plus 1 or minus 1 degree from the ideal 75 degrees. Which should you choose? Have somebody take a picture of you in your putting stance and compare it with the sidebar graphic. if your putter shaft tends to be in the more upright  range then order a 76; if it is less than order 74. Otherwise order what we recommend, which is a 75.

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If should be obvious that since golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and each has a unique putting stance and style. that a one size fits all approach to golf putter fitting is a bad idea. Other golf putter makers including the market leaders Ping and Odyssey try to get away with that kind of thinking, but Quantum. We custom fit our Quantum Putter to our Quantum Client and that makes Quantum the better golf putter,

Good Golf Putting Requires Good Golf Putter FITTING

The Best Golf Putter has the best FITTING. Quantum's Grip is three ways better than other golf putter fitting, including those of the market leaders Ping/Odyssey/Taylormade. Another reason why Quantum the golf putter you need,



GOOD GOLF PUTTER FITTING is a requirement for Good Putting Performance. Quantum has it while others lack it. and that makes Quantum the better putter -- THREE WAYS BETTER.


Big Idea Plus Custom Fitting

You must admit that if a golf putter doesn't fit, then no matter how good it is in every other respect, it is no good for precision golf putting. Golfers come in all shapes and sizes and each has a unique putting stance and style. Quantum not only embodies the Big Idea and all the other beneficial features, it is custom fitted for all three putter fitting factors-- Grip Size, Shaft Length, and Head Lie, Another three ways it is the better golf putter.