If it doesn't fit you must admit that it is not good for putting precision. Quantum Golf Putters are custom made for all three fitting factors: Grip Size,  Shaft Length, and Head Lie, plus they are Ambidextrous so they work either left or right handed and either fore or back handed. Other golf putters lack these important fitting factors and that is why Quantum Golf Putter wins Best Fitting​.

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As soon as you put a Quantum Putter in your bag, you will experience a quantum improvement in your golf game - you have my word on it,

Duane Engdahl

GRIP FITTING | Quantum Golf Putter is Best

Hands come in different sizes so putter grips should come in different sizes. Quantum Clients specify hand size when they order their putter, so they have the benefit of a comfortable fitting putter grip. Another reason why Quantum Golf Putters are superior. ​Suggestion:  Go to the dowel rod department of your local hardware store. Pull out a 36” long dowel rod of each of the following diameters: 7/8", 8/8", and 9/8", Then in turn hold each as you would your putter. One will feel better than the other two - that is the size you should specify.

SHAFT LENGTH & HEAD LIE | Quantum is Best

Head Lie Angle and Shaft Length need to be fitted together because each factor depends on golfer putting style and physical stature. Good fit of length and lie is a requirement for precision putting.

Shaft Length-- Quantum Clients specify exactly what they want for putter shaft length ranging from the USGA minimum of 18 inches, on up to our standard maximum of 36 inches. And we will also fill orders for lengths in excess of 36 inches when requested at an additional charge. We know how important it is that your golf putter fit your putting style and stature perfectly, and that is another reason why Quantum Golf Putters are superior to other putters. Suggestion:  While you are at the hardware store use the dowel rod as a pretend putter to determine your grip size, then use it to in your putting stance. Make a light pencil mark on the dowel rod where the heel of your upper hand grasps the rod, and then add an inch to that length to get the putter length you should specify. 

Head Lie Angle -- If you putt right handed, then TOE BITE will twist the putter head and launch the ball off to the left of your intended line. If you putt left handed then it will launch the ball right of your intended line. HEEL BITE will do just the opposite. Both Toe and Heel Bite are bad for precision putting. What is so insidious about this is that sometimes your glide is light while other times it is heavy, so there is no adjusting for this adversity. That is why it is so important that your putter lies flat on the green so as to eliminate both these problems.  Old technology putters do not consider this fitting factor important and typically offer no customization for head lie angle fitting. In fact it is even worse - they typically offer only one head lie angles and it is almost always way too flat for a good pendulum putting stroke. Club makers who make field clubs and putters are the worst at this. They tend to embody a flat head lie angles into their putters because that is what is typical of field clubs. But that is a bad idea, A flat lie angle tends to encourage a "barn door" stroke instead of a "pendulum stroke" and that is detrimental to precision putting. Custom Fitted Head Lie Angle is Required for Precision Putting. After several years of field testing we at Quantum have come to the conclusion that a 75 degree head lie angle is ideal for a pendulum stroke, yet we give a variance of 1 degree one way or the other when you make your specification. Suggestion: If you want to employ a pendulum stroke, then you should place the ball about 6 inches away from yo​ur toes in your putting stance. When you take this kind of stance, then a 75 degree head lie angle is ideal no matter your physical stature. But there is always a reasonable allowance one way or the other. So we let you specify a head lie angle ranging plus 1 or minus 1 degree from the ideal 75 degrees. Which should you choose? Have somebody take a picture of you in your putting stance and compare it with the sidebar graphic. if your putter shaft tends to be in the more upright  range then order a 76; if it is less than order 74. Otherwise order what we recommend, which is a 75.

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