Golf Putter Shaft Fitting

While you are at the hardware store using a dowel rod to determine grip size, now would be a good time to also consider Shaft Length. Here is how. Use the most comfortable dowel rod as a pretend putter.  Stroke it to and fro and also vary your grasp sometimes higher and sometimes lower; also vary your stance, sometimes farther away and sometimes closer to your imaginary ball placement. Continue until you find the grasp and stance that gives you the most smooth and sure stroke. After that, make a light pencil mark on the dowel rod where the heel of your upper hand grasps the dowel rod, and then add an inch to that length to get the putter length you should specify when ordering your newQuantum Golf Putter. The new technology Quantum Putter is available in whatever shaft length you specify; old technology Ping Style Blade and Odyssey Style Mallet Golf putters are very limited in this important fitting factor.  

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When it fits good it feels good and it does good! 

Golf Putter Fitting

The new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is custom made to fit you perfectly -- we all know that a perfect fit feels good and is a requirement for precision putting.  But old technology Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets typically lack this important benefit. 

Golf Putter Grip Fitting

Rarely are old technology Ping Style Blade or Odyssey Style Mallet golf putters custom made for this important fitting factor, but the new technology Quantum Golf Putter is. Suggestion: Go to the dowel rod department of your local hardware store. Pull out a 36” long dowel rod of each of the following diameters: 7/8", 8/8", and 9/8", Then in turn hold each as you would your putter. One will feel better than the other two - that is the Grip Size you should specify when ordering your new putter.  

Best Golf Putter Head Fitting

Most of the golf putting gurus recommend a "pendulum putting stroke" which quite naturally enables gravity to generate stroke momentum and impact force -- few if any suggest you muscle the putter into the ball. So we make the Quantum Golf Putter with that in mind and we custom fit the head lie for that method of putting. When you use the pendulum method of putting, you should place the ball about 6 inches away from yo​ur toes in your putting stance. Usually when you do this, a 75 degree head lie angle is ideal. But there is always a reasonable allowance one way or the other. Have someone take a picture of you in your stance and compare it to the above graphic. If your stance is more upright, then order a 77 degree Head Lie Angle; or if more flat, then order a 73 degree angle. But head Lie Angle is related to Shaft Length so before you decide on final Head Lie Angle, take a moment to consider Shaft Length too. .


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