We welcome questions and to save you time, we have provided answers in advance to some of the more frequently asked questions. If we have not already addressed your question, or if you need more information, please contact us HERE

Answers to General Questions

 A.  If the Quantum Golf Putter is so good, why are the pros not using it?  The touring professionals make most of their money by sponsorships and endorsements, not so much by winning tournaments. Quantum is a small company which cannot afford to sponsor touring professionals or pay for endorsements. So no pay, no play.

 B. If the Quantum Golf Putter is so good, why does it not show up in media reviews?  The media thrives on advertising dollars, and so naturally it supports those who advertise. Quantum is a boutique enterprise which cannot afford to advertise as much as the big clubmakers can. So again, we get no media reviews because we don't do media advertising.

 C. How do you expect to succeed in the world of golf if you do not sponsor or advertise?  Success is for us is achieving product excellence and client satisfaction. We have no desire to become a big corporation which has as its only goal, making profit for its shareholders. You somehow found us, we have told you all about our product, and if you decide to buy it from us and use it to make a quantum improvement in your golf game, that will be enough success for us. 

 D.  Where can I see and buy it?  When you are next in Phoenix Arizona, you can call us and we will be happy to meet you at a local golf venue to see and try a Quantum Golf Putter, otherwise you will have to trust what we say about it and buy it factory direct HERE.  The reason why we sell only via this website is that we have no desire to build an expensive worldwide retail network that would require that we substantially raise the price of our product out of the reach of most golfers. But don't worry, you have no risk buying factory direct, because if you ind that you do not like it for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. 


Best Golf Putter FAQs | SHAFT

  • Straight Shaft or Bent/Broken
  • Center Vectored Shaft or Offset
  • Sturdy Shaft or Flexible
  • Basic Black Shaft or Shiny Chrome
  • Custom Fitted Shaft or "Off the Shelf"

Answers to Technical Questions

The frequently asked questions regarding our technology, tend to fall into four categories -- about our putter grip , about our putter shaft, about our putter head, and about our overall putter design.  So we will answer accordingly..

Best Golf Putter FAQs | HEAD

  • Ambidextrous Head or Not
  • Massive Head or Not
  • Compact Symmetric Head or Not
  • Elegant Head or Cluttered
  • Custom Fitted Head or Not
  • Treaded Sole or Not
  • Intuitive Alignment​

Best Golf Putter FAQs 

Best Golf Putter FAQs | GRIP

  • Tactile Grip or Slippery
  • Impervious Grip or Soggy
  • Laterally Symmetric Grip or Oddly Shaped
  • Linearly Symmetric or Tapered
  • Basic Black Grip or Gaudy Colored
  • Custom Fitted  Grip or "One Size Fits All"