Greetings, My name is Duane Engdahl and shortly after retiring from the building business, I founded a golf putter manufacturing company. The year was 2002 and I needed something worthwhile to do with the rest of my life. 

It seemed to me that correcting the design of the most important tool used in the game of golf would be a good endeavor. Of all the tools I had ever held in my hands, the golf putter always struck me as one of the silliest. So the trusty golf putter became my new lifelong focus. The function of this tool is so simple, yet designers of it had all but destroyed its usability with ridiculous features. Something had to be done about this, and I was going to be the one to do it. My goal would be to make a better golf putter, one that that...

  • Would Not Twist open upon Impact
  • Would Not Launch with Loft and Backspin
  • Would Not Stroke with Waver
  • Would Not Bite or Bounce, but instead Glide easily over the Green

As a physicist and mechanical engineer and a human factors expert, it was apparent to me what had to be done: Twist could be eliminated with proper shafting; loft and backspin could be corrected with a proper impact plane; waver could be minimized with increased head mass; and glide could be much improved by treading the sole of the putter.

Everyone is born for something and I was born to design and build. So it took me only a short time before I had a perfected prototype putter. I began to refer to my prototype as the “Quantum Putter”, because it would make quantum improvement in golf putting performance. 

Along the way, I embodied several other design features into my Quantum Putter that would benefit putting performance even further. In 2003, I became convinced that I had a final and superior design to bring to market. So as required, I sent a prototype Quantum Putter along with its feature/benefit description to the USGA for a conformance ruling. Much to my disappointment it was ruled non-conforming. So I revised it to accommodate their rules, while holding firmly on my performance goals. Submitted again and rejected again. Then resubmitted and rejected, again and again. Finally by the first day of 2005, I succeeded in getting the required conformance ruling that would allow me to bring the performance perfected Quantum Putter to market.

The USGA exists to preserve the tradition of golf, and as such they make it very difficult for any newcomer to bring any revolutionary new idea to the golf market. But with persistence and determination, my revolutionary new Quantum Putter was now ready to sell to golfers.

2005-06 was spent gaining patent protection on all the unique design and utility embodiments of the new Quantum Putter. It was also when I founded a limited liability company to manufacture and market the new product. The name I chose was Quantum Golf Putters Putting LLC – it included all the key search words relating to the company product. This was also the time when I engaged independent laboratory testing and independent field testing to make sure that the new technology golf putter actually performed as theorized. It did.

The new technology Quantum Putter was debuted at the Fifth International Congress of Golf and it made a quite an impression on the attendees, After the product debut, we did a humble launch of the Quantum Putter into the world-wide market. Humble because my financial resources were insufficient for any kind big-time launch. A few early adopters began using my new putter. Their reviews were excellent and that encouraged me greatly. 

After that until now, I tinkered some with the form but never changed the fundamental performance characteristics of the original design. The original was made with brass, so it tarnished with age. So I changed to aluminum, but that was a very bad idea –aluminum with its lower molecular weight lessened momentum and increased stroke waver. So I changed again to stainless steel – a metal with a molecular weight almost that of brass, and that solved the tarnish problem while preserving momentum. Now I firmly believe that I have reached the final design of my new technology Quantum Golf Putter.

The original embodied several practice features, but these features while worthwhile made the market perceive the putter as a practice aid and not a real putter made for actual play. With this market perception, the putter would never gain traction as a real putter. Furthermore, these practice features were also costly to embody into the design, so the price I had to charge for the product was beyond what most prospects were willing to pay. And this practice/play convertibility made the product look “geeky” instead of “cool” and the market prefers cool, not geeky. So for all these reasons and with some reluctance, the practice/play convertibility features were abandoned.

Now it is 2017, and the Quantum Golf Putter is not only perfected for performance, but also very cool looking. It has taken more time and effort than I thought, but I am happy with the result, and you will be too.



Our Founder continues as Company Manager and Master Designer of Quantum Golf Putters. He is Duane Engdahl and here in his own words is his story.  


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Duane Engdahl