Eliminates Leading Edge Bite

Golf putters that have sharp leading edges can cause dreaded leading edge bite, which in the extreme can actually cause duffing the ball, the most embarrassing thing that can happen to any golfer on the putting green. Leading edge bite is caused by sharp leading edge on the sole of a golf putter and the more sole that suffers this defect, the greater will be the detriment. Most old technology blade putters suffer about four inches of this detriment, and most old technology mallet putters suffer more. Why? Because mallet putters often are oversized and that leads to more leading edge, but they also embody openings and wings that add to the total amount of detrimental leading edge bite. Leading Edge Bite is detrimental to precision putting and should be minimized. 

Minimizes Sole Drag

Golf putters that present the most sole area to the green so obviously they suffer the most frictional drag. Old technology blade putters present about four square inches of sole to the green, while mallet putters can present up to four times that amount. Sole drag is detrimental to precision putting and should be minimized. 

Eliminates Trailing Edge Bounce

Golf putters that have excessive front-to-back dimension (mallet putters) suffer trailing edge lunge and that is detrimental to precision putting. Why? Because at the instant of impact the striking face of the putter is lunged by the trailing edge and that is very detrimental for precision putting. Users of old technology mallet putters must flatten their putting stroke to overcome this putting detriment, but why?  

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5. New Symmetric Golf Putter Eliminates Duffing

Old asymmetric technology Blades and Mallets typically suffer major problems gliding over the surface of the green; sometimes even causing embarrassing duffing of the putt. The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter suffers none of this and that is a great benefit for your golf putting performance..  

Glide me easy and without worry!.

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