Easy to Understanding by Analogy

The physics of sweet impact is difficult to explain but it easy to understand by analogy.

Imagine you are a tennis player - Would you choose to use a center shafted racquet or a side shafted racquet like the one shown? Of course you'd choose a center shafted racquet; in fact choosing a side shafted racquet would be so stupid that nobody even makes one!

Imaging you are a baseball player -- Would you use a straight bat. or one with an off-set like the one shown?  Obviously, you would always use a straight bat, in fact using an off-set bat would be so stupid that nobody even makes one!

Image you are a pool shooter -- Would you use a pool cue that is straight, or one that is bent like the one shown? Of course you would use the most perfectly straight cue you could find in the rack, and you would test it by rolling between your palms for wobble before using it. It would be stupid to use a pool cue that is bent out of shape, in fact so stupid that whenever a cue becomes warped even just sightly, it is always tossed out.

What do all these useless tools have in common? They all lack the Polar Symmetry required for Sweet Impact. Of course sweet impact is a requirement for precision putting. Quantum embodies Polar Symmetry so it is capable of Sweet Impact and that is why it is the better golf putter.

What enables Sweet Impact?..  POLAR SYMMETRY

It is the principle of physics called "Polar Symmetry" that enables any impacting tool to be capable of "sweet impact". This is a technical concept involving physics, solid geometry and vector analysis. But not to worry, you can easily feel it and you can easily understand it by analogy. So the short answer is this:  A golf putter that embodies Polar Symmetry is capable of Sweet Impact; a golf putter that doesn't, isn't! . 


The BEST GOLF PUTTER embodies the BIG IDEA. Other golf putters lacking the Big Idea should be tossed in trash heap of defective design.  Quantum embodies the Big Idea and that makes it the better golf putter. 


The Big Idea

Sweet Impact requires a symmetrical grip on a straight and sturdy shaft that vectors precisely into the center of mass of a compact massive and symmetrical head. This is called POLAR SYMMETRY, and it is the Big Idea in Golf Putters.


Easy to Feel

It's easy to test your golf putter for putting suitability. Do the quick and easy TAP TEST and SPIN TEST. If your putter fails either test, it lacks Polar Symmetry and is incapable of Sweet Impact.

TAP TEST-- Hold your putter loosely with one hand as shown, and then with a finger of your other hand tap the place where you usually strike the golf ball. If the putter head twists when tapped, it does not have the polar symmetry required for sweet impact. and it needs to tossed into the trash heap of defective design..

SPIN TEST -- Hold your putter shaft between the palms of your hands as shown, and then move your palms back and forth to rotate the shaft to and fro (as you would do when testing a pool cue for playing suitability). If there is any wobble, then your putter lacks the required polar symmetry for sweet impact, and it should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design...


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Trash Heap of Defective Design

Other golf putter makers may claim their putters have sweet impact; some even claim their putters have a "large forgiving sweet impact area". but that is all marketing hype. First of all, the truth is that a sweet spot is a spot not an area, and secondly, any golf putter that lacks polar symmetry cannot have a sweet spot at all. These unscrupulous marketeers are trying to make you believe something that anyone with any knowledge of physics and tool mechanics would know to be untrue,

DON'T BE FOOLED!  There is one golf putter that embodies Polar Symmetry and is capable of Sweet Impact, all the others should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design,  

The Big Idea in Golf Putters makes a Big Difference in Golf Putting

Quantum has it while Ping, Odyssey, Taylormade, and others lack  It is our BIG IDEA in golf putters that makes a Big Improvement in your Golf Putting Performance.