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Golf Putter Comparisons

​​​It is interesting to compare the new technology Quantum Golf Putter with other putters currently being hyped in the golf market. There is an amazing maze of misleading information that golfers need to find their way through while making a decision on which golf putter to put in their bag.  The following factual comparisons should help you with that. 

Pyramid - Quantum Putter Comparison

A relatively recent entry into the golf putter market, the Pyramid Putter makes frequent appearances on paid Google searches, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a typical blade putter with broken Anser style shafting. It embodies design defects common to blade putters, and their differentiating evaluation factor (money maker, as they call it) is "the Gear Effect" -- their claim is that you will "sink 7 to 9 more putts per round" with the use of this putter. 

Pyramid Putter