There are three kinds of golf putters on the market today: Old Technology Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets, both of which are asymmetric; and the New Technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. A summary of features common to all golf putters shows the superiority of the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

Quantum Style Symmetric Putter

The Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is the latest evolution in golf putter technology. It passes all 36 objective evaluation factors with flying colors. This new technology golf putter makes old Ping Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallets obsolete.  


Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter wins objective comparison over Ping style blade golf putters and Odyssey style mallet golf putters. 

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Ping Style Blade Putters

The Ping Anser blade style golf putter is the most copied golf putter of all time - every golf club maker makes a clone version of this classic golf putter.  But when objectively evaluated this kind of golf putter does not do well - it fails 35 of 36 evaluation factors, passing only on head durability. That is dismal! . 


With Perfect Score of 36/36 in overall Form, Function, Benefit Comparison, while Ping style blades golf putters score a dismal 1/36. and Odyssey style mallets golf putters do little better at 2/36.  


Quantum Golf Putters

Odyssey Style Mallet Putters

The Odyssey 2-Ball golf putter started the mallet craze and is still to this day the most popular golf putter in the golf market. But when objectively evaluated, this kind of putter does not do well. It fails 34 of 36 evaluation factors, passing only head mass and durability, Dismal!