Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Precision Golf Putting requires a Perfected Golf Putter

Quantum Golf Putter Company

Quantum Founder

Our company founder is Duane Engdahl, am 80 year old retired man who keeps himself busy making and marketing his invention, the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. He is happy to do this for as long as he can, and has no desire to make more of the endeavor than what it is now. When he can no longer make and market his putter, it will no longer be available to anyone. So if you want one it would be a good idea to get yours while you still can.

Quantum Golf Putter Company

​​​Quantum Golf Putter Company was founded in 2004 by Physicist & Human Factors Scientist, Duane Engdahl, for the purpose of researching and developing a scientifically perfected golf putter. That mission has been accomplished with the debut of the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

​Quantum Business

We sincerely believe  in the "Golden Rule" which guides us in everything we think/say/do.  So when you do business with us, you get Satisfaction Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty, Prompt Delivery, and Privacy Assurance. Click POLICY for details. 

​Quantum History

For us, our history starts with the "Schenectady Putter" which was banned from the game back about 1900 for being too good. Then 1966 the "Ping Anser Putter" made its debut and started the "Blade" craze in golf putter design (which were defective enough to be allowed). Later in 2001, the "Odyssey 2-Ball" made its debut and started the "Mallet" craze (even more design defective). Finally in 2005 we took up where Schenectady left off and created Symmetric Golf Putter Technology which after great difficulty has finally been deemed conforming with the rules of golf.