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Best for Less

If you want to be the best you can be on the Golf Green, then you need the best golf putter,


Buy it now for less than you would pay for an inferior Ping, Odyssey, Taylormade, or Titleist. 


PutterGeek's Analysis and Opinion

Our Founder and Master Golf Putter Designer at Quantum, Duane Engdahl, aka PutterGeek, is very opinionated on almost everything. Here is some of his thinking on golf, golf putting, and golf putters.


Rise Above Marketing Miss-Information

Unscrupulous Marketeers put out a lot of miss-information about golf putters. Unless you rise above it all, you can easily become confused and miss-led. Among the most notorious of the miss-leaders are Ping, Odyssey, Taylormade, and Titleist Scotty Cameron.

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History Never says Goodbye

A man named Edwardo Galeano once said, "History really never says goodbye, it says see you later!."  Truer words were never been spoken. Win a drink at the 19th hole with this Golf History Trivia Question:  Which Golf Putter was banned for being too beneficial?

Golf is Actually Two Games

Golf is actually two games - one game is played on the Fairway and it is Fun. The other game is won on the Green and it is Frustrating.  Why?

Golf is More than a Game

Golf is much more than just a game played for recreation by most and for profit by those living their dream. It is a way of building relationships that last a lifetime and showing others what you are made of.

Sergio Wins Despite Poor Putting

Sergio Garcia finished regulation play at the 2017 Masters Tournament at Augusta, tied with Justin Rose at 9 under par. Then in sudden death, Garcia took the win despite poor putting.