Quantum Golf Putters

​​​"I was the one who brought MetalWoods™  to the market and ever since I sold my company to TaylorMade™, I have always said that if I were to go back into the business it would be with a putter rather than the other clubs in a full set. I understand perfectly what you said about bending and breaking the shaft, and your analogy about heel shafting tennis racquets made the point about how ridiculous it is to heel shaft putters. I look forward to using my new Quantum Putter and I'll be happy to  give you whatever help and advise I can from my experience as a golf club entrepreneur"  James of Brookings, Oregon.

​​​“You are really onto something and I expect the Quantum Golf Putter to become the Number One putter in the world of golf.”  Grant Westthorp, a PGA Coach down-under in Albany Australia. Grant teaches the SimpliGolf™ system and is the author of “Little Picture Book of Putting Essentials” and other books and videos on golf. 


The Proof is in the Pudding (or in this case the Putting). 

“For over 30 years I have been golfing and buying golf equipment and this is the first time I ever bought a golf club that actually did everything the manufacturer said it would do."Mike of Goodyear Arizona.

"I came across your website and have been reading it for over an hour and I am blown away!  You give the best explanation about putters and putting I have ever read and that's saying something because I have been a PGA member for over 50 years and active in teaching putting almost that entire time”  John of Murrieta California

“I have been golfing since I was five and I'm very particular about the clubs I use, especially the putter;. But I love the way this Quantum Putter feels and I'll be using it from now on. I'll be talking about you and this fabulous putter on my golf-talk radio show if that's okay with you"  Ray of Phoenix Arizona.

“I am impressed with the thoroughness of your website and everything you say about putter technology – enormously impressed!  I spun all my putters as you suggested and was surprised to find that not a single one that I ever owned was balanced --it's astounding that so many putter makers don't seem to know the first thing about good putter design”  Jim of Navarro Florida

​"As soon as you put a Quantum Putter in your bag, you will experience a quantum improvement in your putting performance and your golfing enjoyment. Wayne Williams, Test Director at GolfTestUSA.

I love my satisfied clients and they love me.

“My neighbor let me use his Quantum Putter and my first impression was that it was too heavy. But after getting great results, I am now a believer!  What really impressed me was sinking twelve putts in a row from about eight feet when I first tried it out - that was amazing! Now I am proud to be a Quantum Client too" George of Phoenix Arizona.

“I purchased a Quantum Putter on my very first visit to the web site because everything you said made sense.”   Thomas of Navarro Florida.

"Quantum solved the backspin bouncy launch problem and I consider that a very important breakthrough"  David of Swadincote, England.

​​​​”Duane, you are my new teacher!”  -- Goeff Mangum, a PGA Coach and author of the definitive guide to golf putting entitled, “Optimal Putting”, the Director of Putting Zone Academy which has putting instruction affiliates worldwide, and the host of PuttingZone™ which is the highest ranking web site on the subject of golf putting.  We are honored that Geoff uses a Quantum Putter at his seminar demonstrations and features the Quantum Putter in his books, and that he calls it a “Hot Stick" at his website. 

​​​“Fantastic putter!”-- yelled Shawn Clement, PGA Instructor,  in amazement when he first laid hands on a Quantum Golf Putter

New Technology Golf Putters - REVIEWS 

​What really matters is what golfers say about golf putters. The reviews for the Quantum Golf Putter validate the new technology embodied in it -  those who have used it attest that it outperforms Ping Style Blade and Odyssey Style Mallet golf putters -- isn't that what you want? 

"I have no doubt the golf ball rolls much smoother than with any of my former putters and my overall feeling is very positive - the Quantum Putter is very efficient and I really enjoy having it"  Edgar of San Carlos Brazil, mechanical engineering Professor and Co-presenter with Physicist Duane Engahl at World Congress on Golf where Quantum Golf Putter Technology debuted.

​Best Golf Putter | REVIEWS​ 

What are you waiting for?

​​​"I received the putter yesterday and played a round in the afternoon with no warm up. First putt was an 18 FT, followed by 4 more in the round. Good feel and nice new look. Thanks Duane" -- Steve of Solano Beach California.

​​​“Wow! I have been taken by your putter. There simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the golf universe a putter that is designed this comprehensive way - it is the perfect tool for the job of putting. No other putter I have ever used gives me this quantum improvement in my putting precision." -- George Hibbard, PGA coach and author of numerous books and videos on golfing.