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Handy Aid comes with handy Zippered Pouch.

Best Golf Putter comes with an Assistant

The Quantum Assistant is the size of a poker chip and it is so valuable that it comes with its own padded carrying case. It is a ball marker that also reads the green. You use it discretely as a ball marker so it does not slow your play, but when you pick it up, just a quick glance tells you the slope of the green at the ball location. This of course is a great help in deciding the line of your putt. The Quantum Green Reader Ball Marker is also magnetic so it is attracted to the flat top end of the stainless steel Quantum Golf Putter head. There it can serve as an effective practice aid. Just stick it to the top front of your Quantum Golf Putter when you are on the practice green, and it will show you whether setup stance is good or not. When you leave the practice green, just take the Practice Aid off your Quantum Golf Putter and it becomes your Ball Marker, and once again your Quantum Golf Putter becomes fully conforming to USGA Rules. ​This device is the best way to become "king of the green" and it is given to you FREE when you include a Promo-Code in your Quantum Order Form..

Quantum Golf Putter Assistant is Best

Wondering about your Touch and Line to the hole? Quantum Assistant is ready to help, and that is another way Quantum Clients become the best golfers.

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My little device will boost your performance.

You are going to love having me in your bag.

Magnetic Practice Aid helps proper Setup.

Indicates Slope of Green at the Ball Position.

New Quantum Golf Putters Putting | ASSISTANT

Old technology golf putters can not assist you in putting putting performance because they lack this helpful little device that is only available Free to Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter Clients.