​​New Symmetric Technology by Quantum makes Old Style Blade and Mallet Golf Putters Obsolete. 




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It is not often that one golf putter company acknowelege the good work of another. but we do because it is the right thing to do. 

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​​PGA Professional William Wetere, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. A Geoff Mangum PuttingZone Coach, a Mike Austin Swing Coach, and a Tracy Reed Dynamic Balance Coach. He uses the Quantum Golf Putter in his profession because it is the best golf putter. Read for yourself...

"The Quantum Putter -- Best Putter?"

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I applauds my colleague William Presee, the inventor of a Mallet Putter named the "Directed Force Putter". Presee calls his putter "Line Balanced" but it is in fact a putter that abides the principle of physics known as "Polar Symmetry with regard to Mass". While Engdahl agrees with Presee on the importance of polar symmetry with regard to mass, he also believes polar symmetry with regard to form is equally important. Presee's putter has mass symmetry and that makes it better than most other golf putters, but it violates symmetry of form in several ways and that makes it inferior to Engdahl's Quantum Putter; a putter which is symmetrical in both mass and form.. But Engdahl applauds Presee for the tool he invented to prove polar symmetry of mass, a tool Presee calls the "Revealer". A demonstration video of the Revealer is HERE.  Of course, I must be quick to point out that the Quantum Symmetric Putter would pass Presee's Revealer test for polar mass symmetry just as well as his Directional Force Putter does. . 

"Quantum Golf Putter has been rated "Best Value Premium Putter" says World Golf Wire upon release of the company's new Roller model and comparing it with Ping Anser Style Blades and Odyssey Style Mallers. 


I really appreciate what the Golf Market Media and PGA Professionals say about our New Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter, especially since we never pay or otherwise compensate anyone for endorsing our product.  

​​​World Famous Golf Putting Guru, Geoff Mangum has studied the art and science of putting more widely and deeply than anyone in the game. The result is a revolutionary new way to apply optimal techniques for instinctive putting. His innovative system of simple but effective techniques, help beginners and seasoned pros alike reach new levels of golf putting competence. I am proud that he features my Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter as his oerfered golf putter in this very informative book. We recommend this book, "Optimum Putting"  and you can order it HERE. His PuttingZone website is the goto website on golf putting -- there he features my Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter as his "Hot Stick"