Cause & Cure

​Every golfer knows that the shorter field irons launch the ball higher and with more backspin, than do the longer clubs -- the reason for this is loft angle on the impact face at the instant of impact. The more loft angle, the greater is the launch loft and backspin. Putters need to roll the ball instead of lofting it, so it should seem obvious that golf putters putting should have zero loft angle on the impact face at the instant of impact. When the loft angle is positive as it is on most golf putters, the result is that the ball is launched with loft (bounce) and with backspin; neither of which is good for precision putting. The bouncy/backspin launch problem can be mitigated by a putting stance which puts the grip well ahead of the head at the instant of impact, that is what most golfers do who are burdened with a putter having this design defect. But the best solution to the problem is to toss your old putter into the trash-heap of defectively designed and bag the new putter which cures this problem entirely. ​The natural law of physics and the mathematics of vector analysis, gives us the cure for the bad launch problem of bounce and backspin, and scientific testing both in the laboratory and out on the green ,verifies this finding -- THE GOLF PUTTER PUTTING MUST EMBODY ZERO LOFT ON THE IMPACT FACE AT THE INSTANT OF BALL IMPACT. 


​ One golf putter on the market today has zero loft angle and so it launches the ball without bounce of backspin -- the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. You can...


Place a business card up against the striking face of your putter as shown. If there is a loft angle gap then your putting will suffer bounce and backspin.

When the golf putter putting launches the ball with bounce and backspin the likelihood of sinking the putt is much lessened. Why? Because bounce and backspin introduces uncertainty into your intended line and touch. To remedy this, we need to find the cause and get the cure. Then we can enjoy a quantum improvement in gold putting performance.. ​

Any Golf Putter that launches the ball with bounce and backspin should be tossed in the trash heap of defective design. 

Curing Launch Bounce/Backspin