End and Side View...

Show how the perfectly straight and sturdy shaft vectors precisely into the center-of-mass of the Quantum Putter Head, thus assuring perfect polar symmetry, which is a fundamental requirement for precision putting.

Introducing the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Quantum Golf Putter Vectoring

Intuitive Alignment

The reflection line down the black shaft integrates with the silver alignment line on the head, this to assure that the putter head aligns perfectly perpendicular with your intended line. And all this happens intuitively without you even thinking about it.   

Best Golf Putter


Elegant Head

Elegant unibody compact symmetrical head with sufficient mass to assure Smooth Stroke, Good Glide, Perfect Impact, and True Launch.  

​The Quantum Golf Putter is custom made to your specification of grip size, shaft length, and head lie angle. It is sufficiently massive to provide good stroke momentum at slow putting shroke, it embodies perfect polar symmetry to prevent dreaded stroke wobble and impact twist, it embodies a patented glider to cure the causes of glide bite, drag, lunge, and drift. And it has a striking surface that eliminates bouncy backspin ball launch, dwell, and sidespin. And it conforms to the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. 

Quantum Golf Putter Waist
Quantum Golf Putter Head
Quantum Golf Putter Sole

Patented Glider

The sole of the Quantum Golf Putter is uniquely designed to minimize glide bite, drag, lunge, and drift. It functions like the tread on tires, minimizing all that can go wrong where the rubber meets the road.

Tactile Grip

​The laterally and linearly symmetrical grip is tactile, impervious, and fitted to your hand size.