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Golf Putter Ambidexterity

Old Technology golf putters are made mostly for right-handed players using a fore-handed putting stroke. That short-shifts lefties and eliminated the option of back-stroking. New technology symmetric putters suffer no such design deficiency.   

Stroke me any way you want.


You are going to love having me in your bag.

Many other golf putter makers give short shift to left handed golfers, The truth is that Lefties make up 10 to 12 percent of the general population, but in the golfing world, left-handed golfers make up only about 6 percent. Why the disparity? Most likely it is caused by club-makers catering to the majority and leaving the minority to fend for themselves.  Not Quantum!  ​Quantum makes golf putters anyone can use.  Furthermore we believe everyone should have the option of stroking the ball either fore-handed or back-handed whenever the situation calls for it. Another way the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior to old technology golf putters..


New Symmetric Golf Putter by Quantum

Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter Ambidexterity is Best

Quantum Ambidexterity lets any golfer use it in any way. Another way the new technology Quantum Symmetric golf putter is best!