There are several things that can undermine your intended line, not the least of which is setup alignment. For precision putting the impact surface of your putter head must be perpendicular with your intended line at the instant of impact. If it is either open or closed at that instant the ball will be launched off intended line with sidespin neither of which is good for precision putting. The best way to insure that doesn't happen is to have a putter with intuitive perpendicular alignment. ​Quantum has such intuitive alignment as can easily be seen in sidebar (one image is obviously closed to intended line and the other open to it, this makes perfect perpendicular alignment intuitive and so easy that it is virtually automatic. This is another why the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is superior to old technology golf putters..​​


New Symmetric Golf Putter by Quantum - ALIGNMENT

Quantum Golf Putter Alignment is Best

Quantum Alignment is simple and easy - you intuitively know when your Quantum Head is perpendicular with your intended line without even thinking about it. Another way Quantum best!

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We will align perfectly quite naturally!.

New Quantum Golf Putters Putting | ALIGNMENT

Your golf putting stance and the plane of your golf putting stroke sets your intended line, not a so-called alignment aid on the top of your putter head. However with that said, your putter can help you with setting-up your putting stance such that the putter head is perfectly perpendicular with your intended line. The Quantum Golf Putter does this and does it intuitively so you don't even have to think about it. 

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