Quantum Golf Putters

Contrived Mind-Boggling Markings are Bad

Precision putting requires that the impact surface of the putter head be perfectly perpendicular with your intended line. The various markings on the top of the old technology Blades and especially the old technology Mallets do not help in this regard; instead they do more harm than good because they boggle your mind at the worst possible time -- the time just before you putt the ball.

Contrived Alignment Aids typical of old technology Ping Style Blades and especially Odyssey Styled Mallets, do more harm than good. 


New Golf Putter Alignment is Intuitive

Your golf putting stance and the plane of your golf putting stroke sets your intended line, not a so-called alignment aid on the top of your putter head. However with that said, your putter can help you with setting-up your putting stance such that the putter head is perfectly perpendicular with your intended line. The Quantum Golf Putter does this and does it intuitively so you don't even have to think about it -- that is a great benefit for your golf putting performance.. 

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Intuitive Alignment Aid is Best

The Alignment Aid embodied in the new Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is simple and easy - you intuitively know when your Quantum Head is not perpendicular with your intended line without even thinking about it. So you can remain calm and confident when you need to -- at the time you setup for precision putting. 

We will align perfectly quite naturally!.