Golf Putter ALIGNMENT Comparison

QED Putter wins BEST ALIGNMENT because it is the only golf putter that benefits you with simple and easy intuitive alignment that does not boggle your mine as you are concentrating on sinking your putts.

Intuitive Alignment is Good

The Alignment Aid embodied in the new QED Golf Putter is simple and easy - you intuitively know when your Quantum Head is not perpendicular with your intended line without even thinking about it. So you can remain calm and confident when you need to -- at the time you setup for precision putting. 

Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters | ALIGNMENT

A golf putter that sets-up perfectly perpendicular with your intended line without you even thinking about it is good for precision putting. Why? Because at this point you need to put your mine at ease and simply sink the putt. 

Contrived Alignment is Bad

Your golf putting stance and the plane of your golf putting stroke sets your intended line, not a so-called alignment aid that sits on the top of your golf putter head. That contrivance plus looking down a crooked shaft that is miss-vectored adds to bogging your mind at a time when you need be put ease. 


Old technology golf putters boggle your mind with crooked miss-vectored shafts and odd alignment gimmicks, and they look more like the patrons of the Star Wars Tavern than tools to sink putts. The new technology golf putter puts your mind at ease and intuitively aligns you perfectly to sink every putt == QED.