​Duane Engdahl founded our company in 2002 for the purpose of making and marketing a new technology golf putter that would correct the numerous design defects in existing golf putters. In short, we exist for only one purpose - to make you a better putter.fter US Patent Trademark Office granted the utility patent on our new technology golf putter, we verified that our design conformed with USGA Rules of Golf. Then we engaged an independent contractor to perform extensive laboratory testing on your new technology to make sure that it performed as we expected under rigorous scientific testing - it did. Then we engaged another independent contractor to perform extensive field testing to make sure that it performed as expected out on the green - it did even better than we expected. 

Our company was chartered in the State of Arizona and consists of a limited liability company and a limited partnership. The partnership owns the patents and assets (Quantum Golf Capital LP) and the company (Quantum Golf Operations LLC) conducts the business. Business is conducted in accordance with regulations of the State of Arizona and the Federal Government of the United States of America. Furthermore, it is our sincere goal to treat others as we would like to be treated. Thus Quantum Golf Putter Company was born and remains in good standing to this day. 

Now we are a small golf club manufacture specializing in putters made for those who understand the physics of good golf putter design and the performance benefits that brings about. 

Your Dream is my Business.


Quantum Symmetric Golf Putters | COMPANY  

Quantum Engineering Development Company is the creator manufacturer and marketer of the new technology QED Symmetric Golf Putter. We focus on scientific principles of physics, instead of trying to influence you with persuasive advertising, sales gimmicks and marketing glitz.