After Twelve Years, what is the Result? 

Now after a dozen years of work on this challenge, I have finally finished development of my perfected golf putter.  It is a quantum improvement of Knight's Golf Putter, the putter that was banned for being too beneficial. And it is a huge improvement over the other golf putters currently foisted upon golfers. For a little while, t fhought about naming it the Knight Putter in honor of the great golf putter designer. But then this is my putter, not his; and it is my quantum technology improvement, not his. So in the end, I decided to name it the Quantum Golf Putter because it made a quantum improvement iin golf putting performance. You can see it  HERE.

My name is Duane Engdahl and I founded Quantum.Golf Putter Company, for only one purpose - to make you a Better Golf PutterNobody paid me to do it, I did it because Sixty Million Golfers worldwide have been suffering from bad putter design for as long as I can remember. This has always bothered me ever since I started golfing over fifty years ago. Only now after retiring from a very busy career do I finally have time to do something about it.  MORE.


Why was it Important?

As I get older, it becomes increasingly apparent that history never says goodbye, it just says see you later. Twelve years ago was hundred year anniversary of when the first American won the British Open. Up until that time, nobody in the British Empire ever expected anyone but a British golfer could ever win that major tournament. But this American shattered that kind of thinking. And worse yet for the Brits was that he credited his win to golf putter that was designed by an American named Knight. All this was too much for the Royal & Ancients of Golf, so they banned Knight's new golf putter from the game of golf. Not only did that relegate a great designer to obscurity, it abruptly ended golf putter technology advancement until now. Not only ended, but actually pivoted so for the past hundred years golf putter technology has advanced in the wrong direction! Too bad for the game of golf. So twelve years ago I vowed to take up where Knight left off. MORE.

Knight and his Schenectady Putter

2017 Best Golf Putters Putting | QUANTUM GOLF PUTTERS |

How was my Lofty Goal Achieved? 

My entire career of fifty-plus years has involved solving what most thought were impossible problems. My success came as a result of employing the same simple process to each challenge, Sometimes the solution came easy sometimes not, but in the end it always came. Here is how my process works: First, isolate the pivotal problem and decide how it can be fixed (this is the Big Idea). Then focus all effort on eliminating anything that hinders the Big Idea, and embodying everything that helps the the Big Idea. Along the way, many minor ideas bubble to the surface; and as they do, each needs to be thought through so as to determine if helps or hinders the Big Idea, This is really very simple and it works every time, no matter the size or nature of the problem. So yes, I was confident that it would work for me again on my lofty goal of perfecting golf putter technology,  MORE.

Making the Best Golf Putter is one thing -- Marketing it is another! 

It is often said,"Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door", but that's not always true. In the golf market, golfers tend to buy what they see the touring professionals use. And sadly, touring professionals use what they get paid to use, and that is not always the best technology. So marketing a better golf putter is another problem that must be solved. Market leaders including Ping, Odyssey, Taylormade, Titleist. and others pay touring professionals huge amounts of money to use their products and promote their brands. Nobody paid me to develop the Quantum Golf Putter and nobody is going to fund me to pay touring professionals to use a Quantum Putter. So I am going to have to solve this problem too, In the meantime, I am going to rely upon those few golfers who make purchase decisions based upon performance instead of publicity, and I will need to offer my Quantum Golf Putter to them ALMOST FREE.