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Learn about and compare the Eighteen Golf Putter Features embodied in every golf putter and how each either helps or hinders golf putting performance.

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When buying retail you pay more for the benefit of holding the product before deciding. That is important unless satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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What is Symmetric Golf Putter Technology and how is it superior to the old Blade or Mallet Technology?.



Learning More

The Technology of Golf Putters either Helps or Hinders the Art of Putting.


Learn about how the new technology Quantum Golf Putter benefits your golf putting performance in a dozen ways.


As they say, "the proof is in the pudding." but in this case it is in the "putting". Laboratory testing verifies the concept and FieldTesting validates it in the real world. Reviews by the USPTO certify design and utility uniqueness; review by the USGA certifies conformance with the Rules of Golf; and reviews by early adopters assure prospective users of satisfaction.. 



Technology is one of three aspects in the usage of a golf putter/putting, the others are Judgment, Technique and Fitting. A golf putting artist will optimize all aspects of the art.

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When you buy direct we don't have to pay middleman commissions and we pass that savings on to you. Accordingly, when you buy one unit direct, you save 20% and pay only US$240; when you buy two units direct, you save 30%; and pay dealer cost of only US$210 each; and when you buy three or more units direct, you save 40% and pay distributor cost of only US$180 each. CLICK HERE and let us know how many units you want and what your fitting specification is for each and we will respond with a quotation. and delivery details...

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If you want to do better at golf, you need to put a new symmetric golf putter technology in your bag. Why? Because old technology blades/mallets, actually hinder your golf putting performance. and lessen golfing enjoyment -- that's not good, but it can be remedied.  

Greetings, my name is Duane Engdahl. I am the inventor of the only golf putter on the market today which embodies perfect polar symmetry. This makes my putter design superior to the putter you are currently using, and superior to any other putter you might consider buying. The Art of Putting depends upon the Technology of Putters, so your best putting performance can only be achieved with the best putter technology - Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.  

We can talk about the Art of Putting and the Technology of Putters later. Let's go first to the bottom line.and answer the question you no doubt have in mind -- "How much is this going to cost me?"  It's your choice -- you can either buy RETAIL and pay more for the benefit of holding the product in your hands before deciding, or you can pay less and buy DIRECT from this website -- either way, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.