​Everything Considered, One Golf Putter is Clearly the Best

The most important tool in your golf bag is your putter. But sadly it is also the tool which is the most subject to Marketing Miss-Information.spewed by our unscrupulous competitors Ping, Titleist, Callaway and TaylorMade.

Visit our Gallery to see the features we have embodied in the New Technology Quantum Golf Putter for your benefit.  ​You deserve the best, and the only way to find it is by objective comparison.

​Golf is actually two games - one game is played on the Fairway and it is fun. The other game is won on the Green and it is frustrating. Green performance requires skillful putting technique and precision putter technology - you do the first and we'll do the second. ..

As soon as you put a Quantum Putter in your bag, you will experience a quantum improvement in your golf game - you have my word on it,

Duane Engdahl

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Quantum Golf Putter Company

​If doing better is your dream, we can help. A better golf putter gets better putting, which gets better golfing, which gets a better life. So your better life begins with your new Quantum Golf Putter.

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