How to do your Best at Golf Putting

Every golfer wants to do better on the golf green. To do better on the green, a golfer needs to use a better golf putter. The best golf putter helps golfers do better in every way and hinders golfers in no way at all. One golf putter is better than the rest in all 48 ways - that's the golf putter you need in your golf bag -- SEE IT HERE..

Golf Putters have same 48 Features but Way Different Benefits

​​​It is a fact that every golf putter embodies the same 48 Features, but the difference in the way these features are designed is huge. Some golf putter designers embody features are detrimental to your golf putting performance; others are good enough to embody features that are beneficial to your golf putting performance. How can you know which is which? There is no shortcut! You must know how to evaluate for yourself the features and benefits of good golf putter design.

We help with that by sorting the 48 Features into 11 categories as shown in the navigation bar above. All you need to do is click on the tab that interests you and we will teach you how to evaluate the features and benefits in that category. Soon you will be an expert in the skill of evaluating golf putters and capable of putting the best golf putter in your golf bag..

Best Putting Golf Putter | QUANTUM GOLF PUTTER


One golf putter is 48 ways better than the rest. Better than any Ping style blade or Odyssey style copycat or even any still existing classic flatstick. There can be only one best of anything and that best golf putter is the Quantum Golf Putter.