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Golf Digest and other media moguls shill for advertising revenue. How?  By publishing so called editorials like "Top Ten Golf Putters", this is done for one purpose, and that is to troll for golf putter manufacturer advertising placements -- the more and bigger placements. the higher the ranking.  Sad!  


Callaway-Odyssey talking points include... "Our necks encourage more arc and face rotation... work best for golfers who have more face rotation in their putting stroke or are looking to increase face rotation... ideal for golfers who tend to miss putts to the right." .​The truth is that stroke arc and impact face rotation are major hinderances for precision putting, and missing putts to the right is the result of right-handed stroking which suffers problematic stroke rotation and impact twist.  Isn't it amazing how a huckster can make design defects sound advantageous? 


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My name is Duane Engdahl and I am the CEO of QuantumPutters.Com, but you can call me PutterGeek. We make and market the New Symmetric Technology Quantum Golf Putter, a putter that is perfected for your golf putting performance; nothing more and nothing less.

We are not a golf market huckster and we use no shills, and we do not take any of your money for our truthful expert advice. We will ask a fair price for our technologically perfected golf putter, when you decide to purchase it; but we promise no miracles . Obviously, your golf putting performance depends on the tool you use, but also on your judgment, and your technique. We can only promise you the best tool; a Quantum Golf Putter that will do everything to help your golf putting performance and nothing to hinder it.

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In the world of golf there is no shortage of people who are eager to give you advice about how to improve your game. But are they real experts or marketing shills?  It's simple – just check their golf cap.  Hucksters pay their shills about $35,000 per year to wear their branded cap, and more to use their branded clubs and carry their branded bag; And they pay handsome commissions to shills who can talk you into buying their stuff. ​

PXG talking points include,.. “Pyramid face pattern bites into the golf ball cover to create a more consistent launch and roll characteristic.”  Read this again and then think – does this make sense or is it huckstering nonsense? The truth is that biting the ball at launch increases skid, and that is bad ball launch.

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Let’s be Fair 

Some golf pros are real experts and have your best interest in mind. But uppermost in the mind of a shill is always his own best interest – separating you from your money and getting a commission for doing it.  So who can you trust?  It’s simple!  Protect yourself and listen very carefully to what you are told. Then ask yourself, does what they say make sense, or are they just telling what they think you want to hear.  

Here are some examples:

Ping talking points include... "For the golfer who prefers a putter on the softer side of the spectrum with the lively response of a firm face, a putter proficient from any distance with uniquely designed heel-toe ballast that contributes to incredible stability and ease of aiming.”  Read this again and think – does this make sense, or is it huckstering nonsense?

In fact, I'll pay you $100 when you show me yours!


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Ping Style Blade Putters, Odyssey Style Mallet Putters, Clones, and the New Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

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