The essence of golf is doing your best to get the ball from tee to cup with the fewest number of strokes -- so it is a simple game, but far from easy!

One Golf Putter Cures what Causes Missed Putting -- that makes it the Best Golf Putter Putting!  

Far from Easy

The game of golf is actually two very different games -- the Field Game and the Green Game.  The Field Game is exciting and fun, but the green game is tedious and frustrating. This is why the driving ranges are always busy and the practice green is often empty. 

But the fact is that while the game of golf is "played on the fairway", it is "won on the green". So to become the best you can be at the game of golf, you need to be the best you can be at the Green Game.

To be the best you can be at the Green game, you need to develop green reading judgment, practice best putting technique, use the best golf putter. Your green reading judgment will improve with experience, your putting technique is best taught to you by a professional putting coach -- this is what makes golf an interesting life long challenge.  Fortunately the third aspect is binary -- you either have a good putter in your bag or a bad one.

Simple Difference between Good and Bad

A good golf putter will do nothing to hinder your putting performance and everything to help it.  Bad golf putters hinder your putting stroke, hinder your putter's glide over the green, hinder your putting impact, and alter your intended ball launch. Golf is a long game and constantly compensating for these hinderances eventually causes fatigue and the dreaded "Yips", even among excellent golfers. For example, Ernie Els suffered from this all his professional career, one time even six-putting from within three feet! 

Cause and Cure

All too often we hear golfers say in frustration, "I suck at putting!"  Scientists and engineers believe that every problem has a cause, and when you discover the cause, the cure becomes evident.  So if poor putting performance is the problem, it has cause and cure.  We have studied this problem and discovered that there are actually seven causes and one cure. 

There can be only one BEST of Anything!