Satisfaction Guarantee

​If you ever become dissatisfied with Quantum Golf Putter, just return within four one year, and we will give you your money back as follows -- Return it within 30 days for a full merchandise refund; after that for an amortized merchandise refund.

The "Golden Rule" guides us in everything we think/say/do.

Prompt Delivery

We normally ship your custom made Quantum Golf Putter within five days of receiving your order. If for some reason this is not possible we will advise you of the delay, and if the delay is intolerable you can cancel your order and we will issue a full refund of your advanced payment. ​​

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Lifetime Warranty

If any defect ever arises, you can return your Quantum Golf Putter for free repair or replacement, this for as long as you own it. -- you ust pay shipping.

Business Conduct

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