Golf is actually Two Games  

The Fairway Game is exciting and fun, but the green game is tedious and frustrating. This is why the driving ranges are always busy and practice greens are often empty.  But the fact is that while the game of golf is "played on the fairway", it is "won on the green". So to become the best you can be at the overall game of golf, you need to become the best you can be at the green game. 

Best Golf Putter Putting | INTRODUCTION

The essence of golf is doing your best to get the ball from tee to cup with fewest number of strokes -- so it's a simple game, but far from easy!

​To be the best you can be at the green game, you need to develop green reading judgment, practice good putting technique, use the best golf putter you can put in your bag. Of course, your green reading judgment will improve with experience and your good putting technique is best taught by a professional putting coach and is maintained with practice. But bagging the best golf putter is something you can do now, and it is the basic need of the other two.  

Bagging the Best Golf Putter is simple -- it is a binary decision between good and bad.  Once done, then you can begin to make good progress on your life-long challenge to get better and better at the game of golf. But how do you know which is good from which is bad?  That is pretty simple too -- a good golf putter will do nothing to hinder your putting performance and everything to help it. A bad golf putters will hinder every aspect of your putting performance, do nothing to help, and that is probably what you have in your bag now.

Overcoming these hinderances will eventually wear you down and result in the dreaded putting yips, and that is the big golf performance problem. The yip problem is caused by the piling up of putter hinderances over the course of a long and tiring game.  And it happens to everyone, even the skilled and well conditioned pros -- Ernie Els, for example suffered greatly from it all his professional life, and one time six-putted from within three feet of the pin! Obviously the solution to this problem is eliminating the hinderances. 

All too often we hear golfers say in frustration, "I suck at putting!"  Scientists and engineers believe that every problem has a cause, and when the cause is discovered, the cure becomes evident, and the problem can be solved. We at Quantum are golf scientists/engineers and our mission is to discover the causes of putting problems and create the cure. For us this has been a major fifteen year endeavor, but for you it boils down to a binary decision -- bag the best golf putter, or not.

Who can you believe? 

There is no shortage of people trying to tell you which is the best golf putter -- if you do a Goggle Search on the key words "best golf putter" you will get about a quarter of a million results, most of which are profit motivated retailers, compensated pundits, and sponsored professionals; all of which are in it to make money and could care less about your putting performance. So if you cannot believe anybody, what do you do? 

Obviously you need to do your own thinking so you can arrive at your own conclusion.  You need to learn for yourself why you suck at putting, and what to look for in a new golf putter.  â€‹We are a research and development company, and are happy to share with you what we have learned (INDEX).

Then, you will know for yourself exactly what to look for in a new golf putter.