Best Golf Putter Putting | IMPACT

Your golf putter should hold true perpendicular alignment with your intended line and not twist open upon impact. If it does (and it always will if it is asymmetric), then it should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design, and you should bag a better putter. 

​​​​ Impact Problem Solved! 

​But Doesn't High Moment of Inertia Solve the Twist Problem?

No!  It is comical when golf putter designers who know so little about the physics of "moment of inertia" try to convince you that "moment of inertia" will solve their impact twist problems.  All you need to know about "moment of inertia" is that it is the trait of a physical object which resists change in the object's rotation; but resisting is not eliminating; and to help precision putting performance we need to eliminate impact twist entirely. Symmetry eliminates Impact Twist entirely, and that is what make the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter superior to asymmetric blade or mallets.​​

This Problem has One Cause

Twist is caused by defective polar asymmetry, so the corrective cure is perfected polar symmetry. Polar Symmetry is a principle of physics that is difficult to explain, but fortunately easy to understand by analogy and simple to demonstrate. It is a principle of physics which when an impact force is applied to an object some distance offset from the object's point of security, that causes the object to rotate (commonly it is called missing the "sweet spot".

 As usual, when Cause is discovered Cure becomes obvious. 

Best Golf Putter solves Golf Putting Impact Problem

Head Twist is arguably the worst problems adversely effecting precision putting; ironically it is also the least understood and the most prevalent. Some would argue that Stroke Wobble is the worst, but no matter - each is eliminated by the same cure -- Polar Symmetry. Polar Symmetry is a principle of physics that is not well understood by people not trained in the technical subject of physics (and that is almost everybody including even golf putter designers). As a result, almost all golf putters in use today are defectively designed asymmetric putters which suffer bad impact twist. Fortunately you do not have to spend years studying physics in order to understand polar symmetry.


HEAD TWIST -- It is a principle of physics that when a force is applied a distance away from the fulcrum of polarity, rotation results. When applied to golf putting, this principle makes any polar assymetric golf putter twist open upon ball impact, and that results in the ball being launched off intended line and with adverse sidespin -- not good! 

Tap Test for Symmetry

To find out if a golf putter is prone to impact twist, just hold it lightly with one hand, and then tap the impact surface with a finger of the other hand as shown -- then if the putter twists as it is tapped, it will twist upon ball impact. A golf putter that does this should be tossed into the trash-heap of bad design.