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Best Golf Putter solves Golf Putting Glide Problem

 As usual, when Cause is discovered Cure becomes obvious. 

The Patented Quantum Glider cures all four causes of Glide Snag. 

Your golf putter should glide easily across the surface of the green. If it snags the green in any way, then it should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design, and you should bag a better putter.

​​Glide Problem Solved! 

This Problem has Four Causes

Leading Edge Bite -- When the leading edge of a golf putter head is sharp, it can cause the the putter to "bite the green". Sometimes this just slows intended touch, but when the bite is off center it will also cause head twist which will veer the ball off your intended line. In the extreme, it will cause an embarrassing duff. None of this is good for precision putting. None of this is good for your putting performance. 

Sole Drag -- When the sole area of a golf putter is excessive, as it is with mallets, there is excessive friction during glide and this causes a reduction in your intended touch. Not a big problem because added stroke power can overcome it, but why should you have to do that anyway? 

Trailing Edge Lunge -- When the front-to-back dimension of a putter head is excessive, as it is with mallets, the preferred pendulum stroke must be flattened so as to prevent the trailing edge from lunging the putter face upward at the worst possible time -- the instant of impact. Flattening a good pendulum stroke is not good, but glide lunge is even worse. 

Glide Drift -- When the sole of a putter is smooth, there is nothing that holds the intended line during glide, and as a result it can drift off to one side or the other; either way that will cause the ball to be launched off intended line with adverse side spin. It is kind of like having tread on tires for the purpose of keeping a vehicle in its lane. You do not drive on bald tires so why would you want a putter lacking a glider-sole?

​​No other putter on the worldwide golf market today can legally embody the Quantum Glider because its utility patent runs until 2026. So no putter other than the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter has a cure for Bad Glide. 

One Cure for all Four Causes

The Patented Quantum Glider cures all four causes of the Bad Glide Problem. 

  • It minimizes leading edge down to seven narrow 1/8th inch wide treads which in total is less than one inch; and furthermore, this treading is rounded over so as to virtually eliminate leading edge bite. Other putters typically have about 4 inches of leading edge and oftentimes it is sharp so as to have a more "high-tech" appearance; Mallets may have even more because oftentimes they feature odd wings and openings which add to the total leading edge. 
  • It also minimizes Sole Drag and Trailing Edge Lunge because the front-to-back dimension is minimized to a net-total of about 1/2 by 1/2 inch. This is in contrast to blades at about 1x4 inches or mallets which are about 4x4 inches. 
  • It also minimizes Sole Drag area down to an area of about 1/2 x 7/8 inch equals less than 1/2 square inch. This is less than any Blade (typically about 4 square inches), or Mallet (typically about 16 square inches).
  •  And it also eliminates Glide Drift.  How?  Because it "combs" the surface of the green with its tooth/grove embodiment, and this holds the putter head perpendicular to your intended line thus helping also to correct any stroke waver or wobble.